The Bricks and SPoT Ybor Two Year Anniversary Party Presented by Vans

Posted on Sunday, July 22, 2012 by Rob

Video by HiDefJoe

By Rob Meronek

This could be the last of the beard according to Big Al.
Lance Conklin needs another few months to catch up with Big Al's.
Tail drops in from the wall - this dude and his crew were ripping.
Tito from Team Pain lets you know the big boys can get up, too.
I heard Aaron made this drop-in after the storm passed and things dried up. UPDATE: Nope, that was someone else, apparently.
Chris Deacon - check his work at
I'm still hungover from a bender last night so I could not participate in the boozing. I wish I could take one of these shots right now. Happy Anniversary!
Another stormy Florida afternoon didn't hurt anyone's good time.
Who wore it best, disco lights edition.
Yep, we all still have that child-like wonder when it comes to that silly piece of wood with wheels bolted to it.
They're an hour into waiting for Porpe to make a trick he can't do.
Thanks for being a part of all this we're doing, ya'll.
I can't hang for long without drinking and being hungover at 11pm still from the night before. I'm out, good night Wit-E and Wife-E!

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