SPoT Life Type of Day in California Article at Skatepark of Tampa

SPoT Life Type of Day in California

Posted on Saturday, August 11, 2012 by Jorge

Photos/Words By Porpe

Instead of staying in California after Costal Carnage and Damn Am Huntington, I went home for 48 hours. Then I flew right back out to California to meet up with Clements, where we teamed up with Skateboarder Magazine to run an event at Stoner Plaza benefiting Make-A-Wish Foundation. Clements and I had a free day, so we decided to make the best out of it. First we took a tour of the Beats by Dre offices in Los Angeles. Then we hit up Torey to get a tour of his house in the Valley. After that we met up with Nick Tucker to skate "PRod Plaza" AKA Richie Valens Park. Finally, we ended our day at Paul Rodriguez's personal TF, where an epic session went down. Let's just say it was a long and eventful day. This is a SPoT Life episode you will not want to miss.

HiDefJoe is on a well needed vacation this weekend, so we are using our good friend from Bones Wheels, Jared Lucas, as our filmer for SPoT Life.
Our first stop was the Beats by Dre offices in Los Angeles.
Clements came up on one of these Beatsbox for his private TF that he is building in his front yard. I will be blasting Juicy J out of that thing.
This is Karen Civil, who does all the social media for Beats by Dre. I can almost say her job is cooler than mine. Just take a look at that pro model Young Money Hello Kitty board.
She also has a one of a kind pair of Beats by Dre headphones with her name on them. If you are seeing this Beats by Dre people, I need my own custom headphones completely Porped out.
Thank you GW for showing us the Beats by Dre LA headquarters.
Next stop was a tour of Torey Pudwill's house in the Valley.
Here are some of Torey's favorite pro model boards, and his 1st place Tampa Pro 2012 trophy.
This was Torey's first Grizzly Grip business card from way back in 1999. You will get the story on how Torey started Grizzly Grip in the upcoming SPoT Life episode.
We finally got our skate on after we left Torey's house. We went over to P-Rod Park where we found Florida transplant, Paul Hart, fakie flipping down the set of stairs.
Here we have another Florida transplant, Nick Blanco, with a nollie heel down the stairs.
Nick Tucker is amazing. Check out the catch on this switch frontside flip.
Our last and final stop of the day was Paul Rodriguez's personal TF. Everything in there is perfect.
We skated for hours. I finally learned smith grinds on quarter-pipes. There were appearances from Shane O'Neill, Torey Pudwill, Aquil Brathwaite, and others. This is a SPoT Life episode you will not want to miss. Thanks for having us Paul!


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