Banana Board Digital Product Toss Results Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Banana Board Digital Product Toss Results

Posted on Friday, August 17, 2012 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Everyone gets a random number assigned, sorted, and someone whose email starts with "conn.danny" came out on top. Check your email, Mr. Conn.danny. Thanks for diving in on this DPT. Check out all the comments submitted here. They're in the random order that was done for the drawing.

conn.d: Hey guys! I would love to have a cruiser to go to work on, nothing but rough roads on the way there :( Hook me up please? 08/14/12 04:51 PM
bzarit: that would be perfect at the beach 08/14/12 09:45 PM
dabeas: This would probably be the coolest mini cruiser out there, i would so have this to cruis around my town!!! 08/14/12 04:44 PM
killar: potasium for my feet 08/14/12 08:55 PM
davewa: need one badddd!!!!! 08/15/12 06:12 PM
zerosk: ring ring ring ring ring banana phone 08/15/12 12:07 AM
jdunn@: Lance Mountain was always my favorite one on the Firm. 08/15/12 11:07 AM
eknift: what am i a Clown? am I here to amuse you? 08/14/12 04:35 PM
Codeei: I just got home frOm a vacation in Florida cruiser-less felt so outta the loop even dudes like 3 times my age were cruising, help me out!! 08/14/12 01:37 PM
emanth: why are bananas never lonely? cuz they hang in bunches... now give me a cruiser! haha 08/14/12 09:45 PM
Nisaac: Who wants a mustache ride? I do! I do! 08/14/12 10:10 PM
gaget1: Love the fact old school boards are coming back ! 08/14/12 09:14 PM
natali: I wanna ROCK this! 08/15/12 08:16 PM yo man if lance is behind this im down 08/14/12 03:21 PM
Grantg: I need sheep to do 08/14/12 07:49 PM
eltosc: suuper sick ! 08/16/12 11:34 AM
Str8ch: Bananas are for monkeys! 08/15/12 02:06 PM
i.okor: I love cruisers 08/15/12 03:26 AM
mikeso: Been wanting to try a Banana Board; This would work 08/14/12 04:14 PM
green8: slipping into cruise mode and splitting to fsu is soooooo appeeling!!!! If you dont ride you're a yellow skinned coward!!!!! 08/15/12 05:45 AM
twalke: The Harry Crews "Scar Lover" is cruisin for some boozin! 08/15/12 02:00 AM
Maxm27: Have to love those cruisers! Great stuff! 08/14/12 09:10 PM
curtis: the amount of stuff you give away is bananas! 08/15/12 08:42 PM
salvat: Remids me of my youth. 08/14/12 10:02 PM
ffm39f: Gotta love the old style coming back. 08/15/12 06:00 AM
fordsa: HOOK ME UP! i love u long time ;D no homo 08/14/12 10:57 PM
alex78: Bananas are high in potassium. 08/14/12 04:53 PM
jpenic: hook me up! 08/15/12 09:49 AM
Gitch_: I am ready to cruise. 08/14/12 11:29 PM
jzskat: i need a cruiser because when i get off the bus after school i wont have to walk yeah im lazy 08/15/12 10:23 PM
Ianb@b: A flute with no holes is not a flute, and a donut with no holes is a Danish. 08/14/12 10:02 PM
Matted: Now if I could just figure out how to get this board on some of the pools lance builds! 08/14/12 09:00 PM
visual: Lets be honest. Cruiser boards sucks in Florida. Factual comment left. 08/15/12 10:30 AM
tylerl: hook it up Rob!! 08/15/12 01:52 PM
joseda: LANCE MOUNTAIN! 08/14/12 01:29 PM
jsmene: I WANT A BANANA BOARD!!! GIMME IT!!! 08/15/12 09:00 PM
bscull: spot life episodes are awesome 08/15/12 01:15 PM
jeshra: im a banana, i'm a banana, look at me go 08/15/12 09:52 AM
Fletch: Thats as long as my..........arm. 08/14/12 09:37 PM
Bernar: I wanna try one of these bad boys out!!! 08/15/12 02:12 PM
skateb: looks better than the other compleat cruisers 08/14/12 11:46 PM
joshua: psyched that Lance Mountain designed this cruiser board! 08/14/12 01:28 PM
charli: My 22nd birthday is sunday 08/14/12 08:23 PM
Rjhall: I rides the cruisers.....gimmie it 08/14/12 07:43 PM
wetwil: poop 08/14/12 07:55 PM
sickbo: love those things. 08/16/12 08:14 AM
russel: Theres always money in the banana board. 08/14/12 04:59 PM
donnel: ill take it 08/14/12 07:25 PM
DuRay.: yeah dog i mean brah where out here all day on the ba na na s! yoooooo yerrr hang loose 08/14/12 05:04 PM
Tonype: you still da man 08/14/12 04:38 PM
justin: Is that a banana in your parents or are you just happy to be on a skateboard. 08/14/12 04:35 PM
wabass: pretty please 08/14/12 09:20 PM
jakepf: Cruisin/boozin' 08/14/12 01:33 PM
Lostin: The best banana cruiser!!! 08/15/12 07:18 AM
leeway: I still have one of the originals.. yes i am old. lol 08/16/12 06:43 AM
brian.: i think skatepark of tampa is probley the best skatepark ever because you change the course every year and you have a shop 08/15/12 01:41 PM
Afrene: Gone bananas for the banana cruiser! 08/15/12 07:18 AM
karlho: I want it!! 08/14/12 11:32 PM
radioa: i win. 08/15/12 12:10 AM
Bobby@: Damn I work for this place and we cant even get one yet! pluck it I'm entering this sheep! 08/15/12 02:27 PM
fialak: goin bananas 08/14/12 07:36 PM
pskate: Oh damn thats dope I wanna be Banana Board cruising homie hook it up :) FLA Tampa Spot Life all day!!!! 08/15/12 01:59 AM
jason.: Know whats best about cruisers? Being too drunk to pop. 08/15/12 06:28 PM
daniel: Im trying to bomb some Mountains! *Drums* *Crickets* Aight, later. 08/14/12 10:14 PM
celtic: Im 39 08/15/12 10:30 AM
xwilly: cruiser boards are gay, but my girlfreind will blow me if i get her one. 08/15/12 10:57 AM
Dstnst: Rob looks like long duck dong 08/14/12 03:41 PM
chocal: cruisers kill dude. 08/14/12 10:55 PM
Monika: I wanna ride that board so good...til its nuts come off 08/15/12 07:16 PM
fletch: Cruising the streets at night on a Cruiser is so Fun! 08/15/12 01:15 AM
djillt: Siick! 08/14/12 03:01 PM
michae: my kids would love to learn to ride this with me 08/14/12 02:24 PM
t-manc: dude i dont have a car, let me get this please 08/14/12 07:05 PM
brand0: Bananananananananananananana to the cruiserrrr 08/15/12 05:09 AM
Swit90: Lance Mountain cruising bananas since you were a kid 08/15/12 07:17 AM
gainey: i need this.....bad 08/14/12 09:09 PM
mcmaho: Tiny little skateboard. 08/15/12 09:27 AM
Rjhall: I rides the cruisers.....gimmie it 08/14/12 03:20 PM
xskate: a free board is a free board. If Lance is backing it, im down. 08/15/12 03:16 AM
bwg248: Damn my frat bros will be so jealous if I get this! 08/15/12 05:23 PM
jcam19: Love cruisers because I had one of them when I was a kid and didnt keep but I still have my Vision Gator!! 08/14/12 08:23 PM
Ajorti: I need this its perfect size would fit rite in my backpack I mean its not like there's anything else in there 08/14/12 09:14 PM
sean.b: bannnannanananannanananananaaaaaaaaa 08/14/12 10:15 PM
mlgros: Only cruisers use drugs. (Looks so much like the board I learned to ride back in the late 80s.) Keep that sweet style alive Mountain! 08/15/12 01:01 AM
jnapol: i would love to try skating the streets in this especially this 7 stair i love to skate 08/14/12 10:40 PM
brian.: Does a Scott Conklin AWS T-Shirt come with it? 08/14/12 06:05 PM
andybu: I love Fruit 08/15/12 09:52 AM
cainjw: i wanna cruise 08/14/12 06:21 PM
robmer: Banana hammock board 08/14/12 01:20 PM
tony.n: SPOT or die! 08/14/12 03:06 PM
taylor: I just love cruisers.When im at SPOT and I see someone with a cruiser I would ask them if I could us it.And it would be cool to have my own 08/14/12 11:15 PM
CRAM81: Isnt there a joke about some girl who misses class 'cause she's bombing of Lance Mountain? If only we could all be so homo... 08/14/12 07:31 PM
enjoid: Boats n hoes 08/15/12 10:46 AM
Djaoch: This cruiser would be great for cruising if I didnt get a ticket for cruising. 08/14/12 03:09 PM
eudemo: I want to ride this! Thanks 08/14/12 08:14 PM
msbart: crailslides boys 08/14/12 01:27 PM
nuncas: Julian Stranger for president 2012! 08/14/12 11:18 PM
ellis4: Riding with your friends around town with your crusier is the best part of skateboarding. 08/15/12 09:43 PM
thuble: I need a cruiser to hit the liquor store so i dont have to get one of those sketchy motorized bikes. 08/15/12 11:41 PM
shaqui: That cruiser sure doesnt look like any banana I've ever eaten... 08/14/12 05:42 PM
brenda: I need a blue banana to ride in my hammock 08/14/12 09:14 PM
lpesca: LANCE RULES 08/14/12 02:36 PM
flacob: i like the board i just start to ride i hope that i be the winer i need it 08/14/12 05:53 PM
affili: ive never won anything in my life 08/15/12 01:42 AM
chinki: id love to cruise around in this :p 08/15/12 11:55 AM
jkho11: I sure would love to own this cruiser board. Would be a sick ride in college 08/14/12 05:41 PM
tgrugg: I want it! 08/15/12 10:55 AM


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