West 49 Take the Cake 2012

Posted on Saturday, September 1, 2012 by Rob

Photos and words by Rob Meronek
Video by HiDefJoe

SPoT Life Episode 20: Take the Cake

Take the Cake in Toronto yesterday had some of the best skateboarding we've seen in any contest. When the Final Jam includes Nyjah Huston, the Decenzo brothers, Chris Cole, Manny Santiago, Paul Machnau, Seirra Fellers, Even Smith, Micky Papa, Matt Berger, and more, you know it's going to be good. And as Sierra mentions, "It's not the smallest course he's ever seen." Things were big here, but everyone stepped up. Of course, we've got a nice dose of side antics for you in this episode that includes Canada's Wonderland theme park. Thanks for checking another episode of SPoT Life.

James Morrow with a bean plant over the chain bank, the only mellow part of the course.
Ben Gore - half cab into the bank.
We met Andrew Wenckstern in Montreal last week, now he's here in Toronto frontside bluntsliding. See you at Damn Am Canada next week, too, Andrew.
We met Jayden last week in Montreal, too. And yes, we will see him again next weekend at Damn Am. We're Canadian locals now.
There weren't many people using the out ledges. They were sky high and scary. TJ Rogers stepped up with a nose manual.
Will Marshall - hardflip.
You need to catch it high with knees to the chest to guide a frontside flip from that high up. Will Marshall's got it.
Pause for penis envy.
The Fleming Twins, Dillon and Dalton, reminded me of the ATL Twins with the pack of ladies they had in tow.
A wider view of the cliffs and Evan Smith's back smith backside 180 out.
I don't know anything about video cameras, but apparently this is like the Instagram of filming equipment or something. If you're going old with your gear, you should rep 39mm wheels and Blind jeans, too. Maybe even ride a horse to the skate spot.
Is that a VX, too?
And another?
We had some time for a break, so we took a stroll through the amusement park. Porpe somehow won this at the ring toss. Amazing.
Shortly after winning the big ass banana, he won again and got papa banana. Again, amazing.
JS Lapierre was ripping, too. We'll see you next week at Damn Am Canada, JS.
Damn, that's a perfect frontside 360 from TJ Rogers, and it's switch!
Sascha Daley skated all of this with grown man style. That's a fakie flip.
For those of us who can't jump down that stuff, this is the only cake we were taking.
Porpe's stuffed animal winnings made great bean bag chairs.
Paul Machnau - front crook.
Evan Smith - over the chain to crook.
The switch pop shuv is such a deceptively hard trick. It seems like you can catch people off guard and get them a letter in a Game of SKATE with this trick pretty easily. Evan takes it down with no problem.
Ben Gore - nollie heel in.
Damn, it looked like Micky Papa was going to win it for a while with a string of bangers like this kickflip backside noseblunt slide.
Great crowd! Thanks for participating in our antics we film for SPoT Life.
Nyjah Huston - cab back lip.
Dune's got that edible loot from the cake.
These ladies gave away that motorized Razor.
Micky killed it, but Nyjah's throw down was just too much. Another banger is checked off the list by Nyjah - a switch big heelflip.
Wow, Nyjah Huston is destroying it here. Kickflip backside tailslide bigspin out - damn!
At this point at the end of the Contest and three sections, everyone was jumping for nearly an hour and a half. Nyjah still had things like this 360 flip 50-50 to add in.
Matt Berger and Micky Papa were 3rd and 2nd behind Nyjah when it was all over.
We have a baby digital ninja in the making here in the crowd.
Congrats Nyjah for taking the cake and $20,000. Micky got $10,000 for 2nd. Not a bad birthday present.
This entire cake is edible and puts your crappy wedding cake to shame. Nyjah threw one small piece of it and it ended up starting a huge food fight on stage.

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