Back to School Bash 2012 Presented by Altamont

Posted on Sunday, September 16, 2012 by Rob

Words and Photos by Rob Meronek
We're at the point where we run these local Contests at our own place at the same caliber we do for all our events around the world. SPoT Scoreboard is our software that ties the whole process together and these here are just a few of the people that make the whole experience what it is.
Xander Keel won the 8 and Under Division with tricks like this frontside 180 and more. It's only been a few years since we changed 12 and Under to 8 and Under after we noticed a lot more tykes coming for the Contest. The progression is amazing.
Brandon Starr needs to tell Torey Pudwill to get on stamping some more of that Grizzly Grip. We can't keep it in stock because it's moves so quick. That's a switch frontside 180.
Check the sequence of Brandon's switch frontside 180.
JP and one half of the Noel wonder twins enjoying from the sidelines.
Nick Wallace is growing well into becoming an ATV. You can find him on everything from the Mega to the vert to the street course. That's a crooked grind.
How tight do you have to be with your homie to ask him to stack you like that for the product toss? This move is generally reserved for boyfriends and their chicks at the concert.
The kid in the front going reverse back arch style for product thrown over his head should try out for the Olympic pole vault. Nice form, son.
Who dat? Frontside 180.
Austin Child of Bieber Fever ad campaign fame 360 flips down the bricks.
We'll be back in Puerto Rico one of these days soon! These are our PR homies Ray and Freddie who are here with Rio who ripped in the 9 to 12 Division.
The decks were packed with 166 skaters that competed today. Wow, thanks everyone for coming out.
Big snaps on a frontside disaster from the nickname that won't die, Dirt Weasel.
I like this still from the sequence.
Damn, Ray, nice andrect!
A still from Ray's andrect sequence.
We brought back the Girls Division this time. I think Noelia Velez is here at the Park more than I am. She's ripping.
Laura took 1st. That's a lipslide.
Did you guys catch the breakdancers? It was a heated session back the Snack Bar.
Marlon Moreno - lipslide.
Thanks to etnies for containing everyone's sauce with these cups they had made.
Schaefer's on some judges coaching right now. Thanks Tommy, Pat, and Casey for manning the difficult job of scoring 166 skaters.
Thanks to Altamont for backing this Contest for all these years and having all their gear at 20% off all weekend.
Fellow shop owners John Montesi from Westside and Brian Schaefer from right here at SPoT.
Everyone hold on, Schaefer's getting texts from the Mayor of Tampa. Ha, wow. I think Bob Buckhorn is a regular at The Bricks and now homies with the Mayor of the Streets, Brian Schaefer.
Anthony Henderson - back lip.
Jamie Foy - 360 flip lipslide.
Robbie Kirkland - nollie inward heel.
Cris Lesh - nollie crooked grind.
Yonis Molina - fakie flip over the rail.
Cris Lesh - 360 flip.
Jamie Foy - bigspin front board.
Yonis in 1st for the Finals and Qualifiers was pretty unquestionable with moves like this switch backside tailslide on the rail.
A frame from Yonis' SSBSTS.
Robby Kirkland - frontside flip. I don't know why I just thought of this, but remember when Robby passed out in the hallway at Tampa Pro?
Yonis Molina - switch frontside nosegrind.
Markus Jalaber got a new grill.
Winners from the Sponsored Division. Thanks again to everyone who came out.

Footage from HiDefJoe

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