Course Construction Update: October 2012 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Course Construction Update: October 2012

Posted on Tuesday, October 30, 2012 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

Course construction is nearly complete. I've been gone of a full blown vacation and just returned this morning to find this as the scene...
Brian doesn't get out of the trenches for long. Wether it's bussing your table at The Bricks, or moving your ramp lumber while huffing sawdust on a forklift at the Park, he's hands on. His hands show it. Nelly puts these Band-Aids on his face, Schaefer puts them on his blue collar hand blisters. After a long day of coding, I should put these Band-Aids on my fingertips and look tough.
The only way I'd get in that thing is if there was a keyboard instead of a steering wheel and stick. Apparently, you need it to move heavy things or something.
Team Pain is killing out there building the course. I just always happen to stop by when they're at lunch.
Looks like a bit of 2012 course recycling here.
A stance agnostic set of baby hubbas? Guaranteed crowd pleaser.
Wallie wallie oxen free, from all directions.
This new a-frame reminds me that if you bring in a report card with all A's and B's, you skate a session for free here at SPoT.
Porpe has not been lucky enough to get the blue collar manual labor exclusion that I somehow managed to secure from day one. He's got the sawdust fighter gloves while swishing the new SPoT sauce.
Yep, as you've seen on Insta, there's more concrete coming. Follow SPoT on Instagram and Twitter - @spottampa.
It's like seeing fresh pastries behind the case at the bakery.
This hip is going to birth everything from flying poop such as double nut grabs and whatnot to super butteryness. Either way, good times. But yeah, kids are going to fly some straight doo doo off this thing I bet. Watch the trick selection, kids.
It's like the course has braces. Wear your retainer, kid.
Ask Clem about them tight trannies, like the one that almost made out with him in Key West. He'll be tight with this tranny here for sure.
Porpe is driving this truck and trailer to the dump today. Tomorrow, he's driving it full of skate rats from here to Texas for Make-A-Wish. Check back here soon for a full update from the completed course!


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