Johnny Romano Skate Jam and Road Trip 2012 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Johnny Romano Skate Jam and Road Trip 2012

Posted on Friday, November 9, 2012 by Porpe

Photos By Porpe

Boobie Bandit Goes to Jail: SPoT Life Episode 27

In this episode of SPoT Life, it's a road trip from Tampa to Houston for the Johnny Romano Make-A-Wish Skate Jam. Stops along the way include random spots, straight up titty licking, and other madness in New Orleans on Halloween. Guess which member of the crew went to jail?
It is tradition to take a group photo before we get on the road. Not pictured is Yonnie Cruz and Robby Kirkland. Looks like Crowbar got the best of them the night before.
First stop was Truck Fit Skate Park in the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans, Louisiana.
We brought some Boards for Bros completes to give to the community center as a thank you for letting us session the new park.
Yonis Molina - switch heelflip.
Robby Kirkland with the ninja flick over the rail.
Yonnie Cruz with a full speed ollie up the five stair.
Jereme Knibbs - ollie from ledge to ledge.
You see that dude in the middle of the photo. That is our new friend Slick. He knew Lil Wayne before he was Lil Wayne. Thanks for letting us skate Slick!
We were cruising around New Orleans looking for spots and saw this hipster chick on a fixie. It reminded me of Ybor City.
Dylan Perry - ollie from bank to bank in the ghetto of New Orleans.
We finally made it to Houston and the first stop was the legendary Tranquility Rail. I think Yonis pulled off a NBD with this switch front board.
Jereme Knibbs - ollie into skinny bank.
Dylan Perry - 180 over bump to bar.
There is always a good turn out at the Johnny Romano Skate Jam.
The Bowl Jam is always fun to see. This is 1080 baby, Tom Schaar. I guess when you can do a 1080 on the Mega-Ramp, it’s easy to fully tweak a stalefish.
Evan Smith - perfectly executed backtail.
This is the line to get to meet and greet your favorite skateboarders. I wonder who they were waiting in line for.
DC's finest, Nyjah Huston and Wes Kremer, were signing autographs and meeting their fans, but that line wasn't for them.
The line was to meet the one and only Yonnie Cruz. He sure has come a long way.
Here is a little sneak peak of the Koston 2's. I can't wait to skate them.
I found the Alex Bibiloni of Houston, Texas.
The second contest was a Best Trick on this a-frame obstacle. Jereme Knibbs started things off with a backside lipslide up and down.
Alex Midler - backside 270 lipslide.
Markus Jalaber - halfcab flip boardslide.
I asked Nyjah if he has ever done this bigflip frontside hurricane before, and he told me he has only done it once. What would you give that in Street League? I would say easily a 9.7.
The final Contest of the day was on the hubba, rail, and stairs. Soon after Evan did this backside 180 nosegrind, he took one hell of a slam that put him in the hospital.
Evan was escorted out in a stretcher, but let the crowd know he was going to be okay. He was released later on that night with a few stitches in the back of his head. I am sure we will see him at Tampa Am.
Eric a.k.a. Big O and Janine have an amazing skate park and are great hosts. If you are ever in Houston make sure to check out Southside Skatepark.
Matt Miller came up to accept the award on Evan Smith's behalf for winning the Bowl Jam.
Evan Smith also won the Zumiez Destroyer Award and the whole DC Team came up to accept it on his behalf.
There is no denying Nyjah Huston. He won both the A-Frame Best Trick and the Hubba, Rail, and Stair Best Trick.
After the day was over it was parking lot party time. See you next year Johnny Romano Skate Jam.


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