Harvest Jam 2012 Presented by Expedition Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Harvest Jam 2012 Presented by Expedition

Posted on Monday, November 12, 2012 by Rob

Video Recap by HiDefJoe

Photos By Rob Meronek
Thanks to all the parents here with their kids. I don't think knee holes in the jeans has made a showing in skateboarding yet, right? I hope no one ushers these in.
Jorge JP Garcia is kickflipping his way to 1st in the 8 and Under.
Darius Norton is growing into his style. Check that back foot. Grown man status is right around the corner.
Xander Keel's only 8 and he's got an ollie like that already? They grow up so fast both on and off the skateboard.
Forgot a name here, but he's got a nice fakie ollie to flat.
Who dat? Back lip.
Coco Torres - lipslide.
Harrison Mazzarella - front board.
Max Barten - lipslide.
Christopher Boyer - tailslide.
Gino Girola - crooked grind.
Crash and Schaefer are sweating it out over the grill for you.
Free burgers are worth the line.
Winners in the 8 and Under Division.
Winners in the 9 to 12 Division.
Winners in the 13 to 15 Division.
A very orderly distribution of Expedition stickers.
Kevin Sikes - hardflip to flat.
Brice Delaney - feeble.
Thanks to the Expedition crew for the support. Chany Jeanquenin, Ryan Gallant, and Kenny Hoyle hung out all weekend.
PJ Castellano caught that kicklip high and level.
The bump to flat is a popular one. That's Ish kickflipping it.
Max Pacensa - quick foot 50-50.
Meagan Guy in the Girls Division.
We're about to have the All Ages End of Year Awards later, but we had to catch Laura early before she left. She got the "Go Win X Games Women" Award. She could probably win it out there. Are they still giving out like 25 grand for 1st there?
Jamie Foy - gap to nosebluntslide.
Uncle Sam is about to grab stale fish here.
The Contest crew.
Yonis - fake flip to flat.
Multitasking Ali Tawoosi.
Markus Jalaber - frontside flip.
Kevin Sikes took the bigger spin to flat.
Tyler Hunger - 360 flip to flat.
Winners in the Girls Division. Ah damn, look at Chany #lefthangin.
Winners in the 16 and Up Division. I spy an @dailybs documentation going down.
Winners in the Sponsored Division. @dailybs is staying busy back there. I bet his phone needs a serious digital clean up.
We're crunching all the numbers for the final standings for the year and the All Ages End of Year Awards coming up in the Snack Bar. In the meantime, there's a nice after Contest session going down.
Kenny Hoyle - switch back tail.
Thanks for joining us for a little bit of recognition for some of the standouts for the year 2012.
New Favorite – Ali Tawoosi.
Mike accepting the Tailgate Party Award on behalf of Steve Campbell.
Skates Like A Grown-Ass Man – Marcos Montoya.
Bright Future in Training – Ramante Cooper.
Oldest Old Guy – Roberto Vega.
Heavyweight Champ – Jamie Foy.
Little Old Man – Giancarlo Scalise.
Always Injured – Chris Noel.
You Ain’t Torey – Brandon Starr.
Bottle Club – AlBow.
Most Loyal Old Guy – Kyle Randall.
Parent of the Year – Dwight Norton.
Darius Norton won overall for the 8 and Under Division.
Marcos Montoya won overall for the 9 to 12 Division.
Tom Hodgson won overall for the 13 to 15 Division.
Ish Cepeda won overall for the 16 and Up Division.
Markus Jalaber won overall for the Sponsored Division.
I'm looking forward to seeing a new generation of kids growing up through the years here at SPoT. Thanks to everyone from the tykes to the parents for being a part of what we're doing here. Stay tuned for a full episode of SPoT Life from the entire weekend with the Expedition crew.


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