Luke McKaye Tampa Am 2012 Photos

Posted on Saturday, January 5, 2013 by Rob

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Adriano Lachovski - frontside flip the rail to flat.
Alec Majerus - frontside feeble across and down.
Alec Majerus - gap kickflip back lip in his run.
Brodie Penrod - backside tailslide bigflip out.
Brodie Penrod - nollie backside heelflip.
Davis Torgerson - bluntslide transfer.
Lee Yankou - kickflip tuck knee.
Nassim Guammaz - gap noseblunt slide.
Nassim Guammaz - ollie over the rail to 5-0.

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Tampa Am 2012 Photos

by Rob on Monday, December 10, 2012

We spent the morning in meetings to go over everything we learned from doing another Tampa Am this weekend and how we can improve it and learn lessons for the next big one, Tampa Pro. I also spent a few hours emptying out my camera and getting a few photos together here. What a weekend. Thanks again to everyone that was a part of it from viewers to workers to lurkers and all in between.

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