etnies Beer and Burritos for the Staff Article at Skatepark of Tampa

etnies Beer and Burritos for the Staff

Posted on Saturday, February 9, 2013 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

etnies hooked up the SPoT staff with a night of beer for those of age and burritos for those of hunger. We spent it in the Dungeon in the back smashing pinatas and getting a history lesson on the early days of skateboarding, coincidentally around the time etnies was started.
A good after work session for grown ass men starts with stacks of sauce. Thanks for the beer, etnies.
Barak is our host tonight with the comidas.
The chowdown in the Dungeon: Jereme, Luke, Casey, Adam, and Josh, all at your service here at SPoT.
Matt Vargas is an All Ages Contest veteran who skated them long before you did. He joins us now on the staff in the Maintenance Department at SPoT.
Jereme with one of the pinatas that we're about to smash up.
There are some amazing things in the Dungeon here at SPoT. This tiny picnic table belongs in a California schoolyard.
Desert is inside that thing, so it's time to smash it out. AlBow aka MP3J is first up with dizzy swings.
It's not just desert in there, we have an important sauce procurement apparatus inside, too.
Casey creating hats.
Jereme came up on the hat Casey created. Luke's about to learn inverts and street plants.
Another hat for AlBow.
Adam Kearley goes no blindfold psycho Wu Tang mode with a samurai sword on the next pinata.
etnies has been around as long as inverts and street plants. I have, too, so I thought I'd teach the young ones some moves. I seems like generally people who go to try street plants for the first time prefer the Andrect method of grabbing. I think that's harder, but with some practice, Luke might have this down.
All I can think of when it comes to street plants in Steve Rocco's famous quote, "Sorry kids, street plants aren't skateboarding." I don't know. I think it's time for a comeback. Josh Wilson's going for the Andrect method here as he tries to learn.
Generally dudes 30+ got some for of invert or street plant you didn't know they could do. Barak's got mute grab style on his.
Shorty is headed into the big fourth decade of life soon so of course he's got some legit one hand stands.
I told Josh about how it's easier with the mute grab method. He's almost got them on point. Get those feet on there and you're all set to impress the grey hairs at the next session.
Real, raw, rugged street (plant) skateboarding going down.
I actually need to practice my street plants myself. A little sloppy on the feet, but after 25+ years of skating, I'm just glad I can still do them.
Pshhhhh, get out of here with that 360 flip, HiDefJoe!
Shorty is paying the price for his 80's move we're trying to shoot a sequence on.
What is that? Shorty's got the flat ground version of the coping dance.
What a fun session of dork tricks. Luke's got one to throw in.
Do you guys even know what a Russian boneless is? Schaefer closes out the history lesson with one. Thanks etnies and Barak for beer and burritos!


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