Valentine's Day Massacre 2013 Presented by Converse Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Valentine's Day Massacre 2013 Presented by Converse

Posted on Monday, February 11, 2013 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

HiDefJoe Video

From 9am to about 10:30am, I'm doing check-in at the front desk. This time Schaefer helped me with doing headshots and high five greetings. Mason Munar is one of the first ones through the door with his underpunch mall grab pose for his profile photo.
George Taylor made his own Valentine's Day Massacre shirt.
Ali Tawoosi repping Jitt Squad.
Just one of many profile photos Schaefer cancelled in favor of the regular jailhouse mugshot style. Jorge JP Garcia will just have to use this one on his Insta.
Last place pals reunited from the Clash of the Crews Contest, Dom and Schaefer.
I'm kicking off the skate photos with a Who Dat and a back lip on the little rail.
Mike Anderson is here hanging out all day and getting a 10 Tricks and Two Cents with HiDefJoe. This is a switch backside 5-0 to forward.
Todd Hunger expressing his love and appreciation for Coach Dan from Sarasota who died in an unfortunate car accident this weekend. He was a key person in the community there bringing skateboarding to kids and many times bringing those kids to Skatepark of Tampa. RIP Coach Dan.
Thanks again for hanging out all weekend, Mike.
Yes, that's a peroxide dipped rat tail flapping in the wind on Carlos Puigdolars' ollie.
Dane Dowding won 8 and Under.
Darius is always going for extra gold in his runs. He's got a good looking kickflip off the bump. It didn't happen in his runs, but he won 8 and Under practice with it.
Pause for high fives with Mike Anderson.
Marcos Montoya won the 13 to 15 Division. Just 12 spots away was homie Chuckie.
I just met Tony Murcia today while checking people in. It's his first contest at SPoT. There were a lot of you here for your first contest today. Thanks for going for it like Tony here even though you were nervous. You will pile, you will slam, you might even feel a little silly because you're a beginner. Who cares. You're out there. That's what these contests are - all ages and all skill levels.
Tony got right back up and made that boardslide that almost knocked the wind out of him. Hell yeah, Tony. Hope you had a good time at your first SPoT Contest. See you at the Spring Roll.
If there was a results listing for who was lined up outside, Landon Swan would have two first places this weekend. He was the 1st to check in and also got 1st in the 9 to 12 Division. Nice kickflip, Landon.
John Partytime and serial entrepreneur Chapin Atchinson are some OG FSEC card carrying members.
Mason, next time I want to see that uppercut mall grab while you do this frontside 180 off the bump.
Gio Trentalange is recovered from a bent ankle just in time to skate the Contest today. He maintains the hair swish even while skating.
Thanks to Ray and the homies from Puerto Rico for coming back for another one.
Darius isn't scared of the lip.
One day he'll be above coping. On Friday night during Tampa Pro, we are trying to get as many legendary vert skaters here for a two hour session on this ramp that will blow minds. From Grant Taylor and Raven Tershy to Lance Mountain and Mike Frazier, Friday at Tampa Pro on the vert ramp is going to be an amazing display of multiple generations of veteran skateboarding pros and top new ATV's. Speaking of Tampa Pro, get tickets here.
Thanks to Converse for hooking up the free food on this one. Thanks to Justin for battling the grease flames all day.
It's also Rezza Honarvar first SPoT Contest. He's got a ninja kick on his varial heelflips. If I were him, I'd just spell my name RZA.
Post your edit from the contest on the Skatepark of Tampa Facebook wall so I can see them, please!
Champs from the 8 and Under Division.
Conquerors of the 9 to 12 Division.
HiDefJoe will have his edit up sometime later today.
Loud Headphones is Mike Anderson's company. This amazing device here clips to the bottom of your phone and points the sound directly at you.
Skateboard papas Todd and Mike keeping it real clean on the sidelines, totally straight edge.
One half of the wonder twins is sidelined right now.
Drop the "p" and you got Asisn ride instead of Asian pride.
Darrell's sticking heelflips all day.
Thanks to the Gonzalez family that bought everyone pizzas.
Abdias is back in town.
Mike, thanks for being on the mic all day.
Casey's first full day on the mic was today and he killed it. Watch for more of that twang over the airwaves at all our events with Casey.
Yonnie's back in town, too, but he actually lives here.
Victors of the 13 to 15 Division.
HiDefJoe and Mike are trying to get a 10/Two done in between jams at the Contest.
I spent some time in the courtyard with Damari and the rest of the tykes burning off some energy. He's got a nice looking front board.
I made a lot of friends out here shooting photos and next thing you know, there's a line-up of requests for stunt documentation. This is Keenan Lewis snapping off the side of the vert ramp.
Next up is Moise Germain with an ollie up and a frontside 180 off.
Darius has snaps off the side also, plus a shout out to Jitt Squad.
RZA is back in the kiddie course with a 5-0 on the hubba.
Now it's a flatground session where Payton Gilbert is getting his flicks in so he can enter the next Contest.
We interrupt this programming for a message from the Jitt Squad.
Damari's kickflip and his shadow both look good.
We're moving it over to the flat bar where Patrick Porter has a feeble grind.
The feeble is the go to move of choice for a lot of kids. Johnny Reidy's got one, too.
Ronald Mola is going to frontside 180 out of his feeble grind.
Alright, it's time to get back inside where the Sponsored Division is on. Josiah's floating an ollie here.
Ish, thanks for always making it to our events and ripping.
New pals, Mike Anderson and HiDefJoe.
Everyone was impressed by Christian Dufrene. This is a nollie big spin.
Christian's got a nice varial heel.
Ish Cepeda - nollie flip.
Damn, Jamie! Fakie 5-0.
Mike Anderson nollie's into a tight 5-0.
Nick Wallace - 360 flip.
Niko Howard has the Spiderman on lock.
Uncle Sam's got all the creative moves.
Titus Massinello has plenty of room to spare on this backside 180 to flat.
Bringin' home the bacon in the 16 and Up Division.
Damn, I didn't get any photos of Markus this time. He killed it and ended up winning Sponsored Division Finals.
If you want your company's products in our giveaways and product tosses, email me at and we'll get it hooked up. Thanks everyone who came to yet another SPoT All Ages Contest and thanks again to Converse for backing it and sending Mike Anderson out here.


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