etnies Free Day Benefiting Boards for Bros 2013

Posted on Sunday, March 17, 2013 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

HiDefJoe Footage

Thanks to etnies for the free skating and great deals on their Marana shoe.
All your used gear donations are going towards Boards for Bros at the end of the year.
Watch for HiDefJoe's video coming up soon.
Jose Rojo - backside tailslide.
Axel Cruysberghs - backside 360 lip with bonus backside 180.
Darrell Gordon was throwing down his heel kicks.
Albert Nyberg - fakie flip over the rail.
Axel Cruysberghs - frontside flip to flat.
Chuckie is growing up and will be leveling out these kickflips real soon.
Jameson Andrés is here for Tampa Am Vert a week early.
Ali Tawoosi has a nice frontside ollie.
Albert Nyberg - big heel over the hip.
Albert Nyberg - frontside half Cab flip over the rail.
This is Albert's first time at Skatepark of Tampa. He's going to kill it in Tampa Pro next week if he skates anything like he did today.
From Schaefer's phone...
From Schaefer's phone...
From Schaefer's phone...
From Schaefer's phone...
From Schaefer's phone...
From Schaefer's phone...

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