Tampa Pro 2013 Calm Before the Storm Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Pro 2013 Calm Before the Storm

Posted on Tuesday, March 19, 2013 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

It's pretty calm around here during the week leading up to Tampa Pro. We're busy gearing up for the most fun weekend of the year right in our own backyard. Check out a few photos from around the Park today.
Back here in Innetech where we run the retail side of things, it's bid'niss as usual during Tampa Pro with a few extra jobs thrown in. Chris Preston is helping Casey make the Tampa Pro Survival Kits that everyone in the Contest is getting.
AlBow aka MP3J is between cuts of A Case of the Mondays checking in some Deluxe stuff. Watch for a special coupon/discount over the weekend on Deluxe stuff during Tampa Pro.
If you missed out on the SPoT 20 Year Dunk, we have a limited run that will be available for sale at the Skatepark on Friday morning when we open at 9am. They will NOT be in Ybor - only here at Skatepark of Tampa.
Supplies for the Tampa Pro survival kit are hard not to dip into.
Back in the warehouse, we've got a truckload of work to do getting product checked in. We'll be back on it on Monday.
We have last year's big banner hanging back here.
Supplies for the Contest are here - Zumiez Couch, stacks of Gatorade, etc.
There's enough PBR here to build a fort.
You and I will be reaching over the Red Bull bar for free drinks on Friday night during the Legendary Vert Session.
Right now it's wait every damn day for Tampa Pro to get here.
It's so mellow the week of Tampa Pro. On Tuesday during Tampa Am, there are 200 people on the course.
It's just the locals right now.
If this isn't your view of the Contest in person, check it right here at skateparkoftampa.com starting Friday at 6pm.
You'll meet Luke in the Shop when you get here. He'll be behind the counter helping you out all weekend.
It's always time for a new deck.
Italo is already out here shredding. What an inspiration.
OMG, is there already a line forming for the Legendary Vert Session? Yep, Todd Morrow has patience. It's going to be worth it.
Meanwhile, outside it's gitter dunn on getting booths and the courtyard set up. What, what happened to the sign back there?
Oh damn, it's finally time for a new sign out front.
I'm going to miss this crusty old piece where we had to black out a bad word on it.
You'll have to come to SPoT to see what the new sign looks like. See you here for Tampa Pro. Sunday tickets are almost sold out. Get them here now. See you online if you're watching the live broadcast. You can find the weekend schedule here.

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