Tampa Pro 2013: Samples from Instagram Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Pro 2013: Samples from Instagram

Posted on Tuesday, April 2, 2013 by Rob

Captions by Rob Meronek

I was going to try to link to the original photo and Instagram user on each one of these, but something went wrong. Browse all the photos on the #TampaPro hashtag here. I pulled these few out here.
DJ Wade and some dude who snuck into VIP. [View on Instagram]
@steezasourus gets king of the selfies award.
Hopefully you came up on some John Hancocks from your favorite skateboarders.
Someone got a Frank Gerwer signature on a banana. It doesn't get much better than that.
Did you see that frontside flip 270 Evan did over the hip - it was bonkers.
This girl partied. Hopefully you partied with her.
It think Rob Brink has come full circle and is using the rumored gayness as a full marketing vehicle. It's about time he has to prove he's gay.
My man Meat Dawg about to pound some moat doo doo for twenty bucks and a SPoT Life appearance.
Thanks for the nice words about us and representing.
Orientals that aren't scared to say "niggas" is cool with me. This girl dropping it in her captions.
@jennleee might take the selfie crown from @steezasourus.
Chad with his piece and Lance Mountain.
One of many boob grab photos. Is that Sean Malto's hand?
The bartender's view.
Just a random Lowcard chick.
Manny Santiago had the most selfie requests by far.
Thanks for being down @morgansomers_
Were you lucky enough to get tagged up by Neckface?
What? How come I'm not having as much fun as SPoT Staff right now?
Yep, it's worldwide when you got hashtags in other languages. Nice Photoshop job with Luan's head on the king.
Dyet is in the running for selfie champ, too.
Thanks for watching the Broadcast in your Hello Kitty slippers. I hope you're a chick.
Looks like a nice afternoon at home. I hope you're in your underwear with a beer and sandwitch.
Someone loaded up on hot dogs for the Moat Race.
Oh damn, so that's why Ryan Decenzo couldn't make it. Thanks for watching, Ryan!
A sample of what was in the Tampa Pro Survival Kits.
Another selfie champ contender. How can you not when there's this many pros hanging out.
"Unlucky screenshot" from @gavro1989
Nyjah is mostly shirtless in his photos with fans. That leads to stuff like this, sometimes even with dudes.
Red Bull provided the entertainment for Tampsterdam.
Another reason to make it back to Tampsterdam for part of the weekend.
This dude passed out on the decks the next morning made it into a lot of photos.
Get your Ybor City tourism going while you're here.
Not sure what this has to do with Tampa Pro, but she used the hashtag.
Justin getting into the PBR promo.
The ratchet pile from Tampa Am. Good thing we didn't see her at Tampa Pro. Thanks everyone for using the #TampaPro hashtag.


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