Spring Roll 2013 and a Bradenton Session Presented by Lakai Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Spring Roll 2013 and a Bradenton Session Presented by Lakai

Posted on Monday, April 29, 2013 by Rob

By Rob Meronek

This weekend with the Lakai team being in town for the Spring Roll Contest, we did a lot more than just the Contest on Saturday. We've got a SPoT Life episode from that coming up soon, but for now, here are my photos from the Contest and the following day in Bradenton, including HiDefJoe's video recap.

Video Recap

Kai Brookins is just 5 years old and going for it out there in the 8 and Under Division. He's the youngest one skating today. Twenty two years away is Robbie Kirkland, the oldest one in the Contest, but definitely not the oldest one skating today. It's amazing how skateboarding has no age walls.
Alex B officially joined the FSEC. We'll miss you in the Shop, Alex.
Guy Mariano, thanks for hanging out all day and spending some time on the mic.
Jo Jo Calo was a standout in the 9 to 12 Division. Thanks for coming down from Atlanta for your first SPoT Contest.
Ali's diving into the steep back with a backside ollie over the hip.
Gotta have at least one Who Dat in there. Sorry I didn't get your name. That's a 360 flip.
Justin battled grease fires all day on the grill while giving out free hot dogs in exchange for your Boards for Bros donations. Thanks for helping out with our Charity.
Something bangin' went down where Guy has to pick his jaw up off the floor.
Nick Noel's got a double flip to flat.
Your microphone entertainers Chris Jata and Casey Wayne with Stevie Perez.
Miles Silvas was here for a bit before having to take off for China.
Thanks to Steve Miller from Zumies for taking the detour and bringing Michael Davis and Shawn Turner to Tampa.
Pause for a Guy Mariano fan out.
I spent some time on the Kiddie Course and found a big session down the baby rail and four. Aaron Kirkland's got a feeble grind on it.
After you say Rezza's name, how you can you not say, "The GZA, Old Dirty Bastard and Inspectah Deck, Raekwon the Check, UGod, Ghostface Killah, annnnddd..." you know the rest. That's a back lip.
Patrick Porter has a boardslide.
Aaron Kirkland - kickflip.
Another Who Dat with a frontside flip.
The front board is the go to trick for many skateboard noobs. Johnny Reidy's got it.
Patrick Porter will be taking these ollies to the brick gap before you know it.
Johnny Reidy - kickflip.
Nick Peterpaul is part of the large crew of GSZ kids here. That's frontside 180.
Moise Germain has kung fu kick to his heelflips.
Guy and the winners of the 8 and Under Division.
Thanks to the Lakai crew for throwing out the gear in the product toss.
Cody Miller's 18 and skating his first SPoT Contest this weekend. That's a crooked grind.
Richard Hatten is a SPoT Contest veteran. That's a hardflip.
Corey Myers - kickflip front board in his first SPoT Contest.
Tom Hodgson recently graduated to skating the Damn Am contests. That's a switch heel.
This is Mykel Garcia's first SPoT Contest. Thanks to all you newcomers for entering. That's a frotnside 5-0.
The SPoT Staff is always ripping out there. Jared Pettway's been entering SPoT Contests for years now and recently started working here. That's a back smith on the a-frame.
Thanks for sweating it out upstairs, everyone.
Sam Rooks - noseblunt slide on the a-frame.
Alex Bibiloni, I hope we still see you jumping down this on the regular even after you move to Orlando.
Guy, Stevie, and Sebo, thanks for being here.
Plumber turned filmer.
Justin Myers aka Baby Drew with a nollie cab to flat.
Zion Wright with a hardflip to flat.
Dan and the GSZ crew, thanks for always bringing a crew to our events.
Rob from Black Diamond hooked up a cooler of 40's where we immediately proceeded with the Big Brother Edward 40 Hands stunt.
Aaron Austin is about to Instagram my nutsack.
Thanks for making this such a fun Saturday.
Congrats Jamie Foy for winning the Sponsored Division.
Guy gave out Lakai shoe certificates to kids with the most struggling shoes.
Later that night, it's off to The Bricks for wind down and chill out. The Black Diamond crew is witnessing the sketchy acts of Ybor right now as you can see Landon Brown distracted by it here.
I found Schaefer family at the bar, this time brother Wayne.
Crispy and Myles, 7th Avenue street lurkers. It's been a long day, good night ya'll.
The next day, we're right back at The Bricks for coffee, lunch, and planning the day's skate mission.
With Schaefer as our tour guide, we ended up on the water in Bradenton. Guy's hurt and can't skate today.
Pause for another fan out with Guy.
We ran into our friends from Puerto Rico. That's Rio Batan Matienzo on a crooked grind.
SPoT Life masterminds HiDefJoe and Brian Schaefer and planning the next episode for you right now.
The bike and scooter level wasn't as bad today.
You'll have to find out what the story is behind this wacky photo of Guy on a makeshift bullhorn and a kid licking his nipple on the next episode of SPoT Life.
Sebo - switch 50-50.
Schaefer's on SPoT Marketing duty right now.
You recognize this reenactment we're doing to close out the SPoT Life episode. Watch for it soon.
Sebo Walker - nollie half cab flip.
I met Michael Lewis today after he introduced himself and asked to play a game of SKATE. After I did my fakie 360 flip, he was up and surprised himself by almost making it. He's never done one. So, I forced him to get a sequence of his first one. Congrats on your first fakie 360 flip Michael. Doesn't it feel damn good to learn new tricks?
It's been a few years since I've been to this abandoned go cart track now turned DIY spot. Chris out there put in a seriously pro quarterpipe. That's Schaefer on a grown man rock and roll.
A back blunt from Stevie Perez while Guy Mariano shows proper documentation form.
It's a nice little playground out here.
This sure beats my 90's curb spot in Tampa. Thanks for bringing us here, Chris.
One last sequence from Sebo and we're back to Tampa and they're off to the airport. What a weekend. Thanks to everyone that was part of it, especially Lakai.

SPoT Life Episode With the Lakai Team

30 Seconds from Sunday

Yep, I'm still hooked on that Vine app. Here's a few of them from Sunday strung together for a preview of what's coming in SPoT Life plus me putting myself on blast with my 360 flip. I'm glad I can still do them at 42.


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