Vans Pool Party 2013 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Vans Pool Party 2013

Posted on Monday, May 13, 2013 by Rob

The night before the Vans Pool Party, we had a long dinner meeting in LA with Rob Dyrdek and Brian Atlas, GM of Street League. We're discussing all kinds of details about skateboard contests and how what they're doing can tie into what we're doing. Dyrdek is a pretty smart numbers and branding guy. I guess you have to be to create what he has. I'm just used to seeing him drive go-carts in a foam pit with a chicken suit on and all that. It was Brian and I at the meeting so we had two sets of "Rob and Brian." We went through a few iterations to make sure the order went SL/SPoT/SL/SPoT for proper photographic representation.
Our day started with a tour of the Vans offices and some sales meetings. Legalize it.
This reminds me that AmsterDamn Am is coming up in July. Hit me up for registration -
Trent from Cowtown Skate Shop in Arizona run Phoenix Am and good frontside ollies. This bowl is in the Vans offices for nice lunch breaks every day.
Vans had its top 12 shops here for a product breakdown for 2014. Malcom here is from Pit Crew, definitely one of the top shops out there. If you're anywhere near Maryland, stop by and pick up a shirt.
Arriving at the Vans Pool Party, Kathy and Michelle have us all set up with the right media passes. Thanks for the great service, ladies.
Oops, there's no beer in the Pool Party, so we're all next door at the bar. As I mentioned in the past with most of my favorite magazines going digital, I'm going to one day try to be the first human to go digital where I'll be able to do everything I do without leaving my couch or putting pants on, including avoiding the hassle of having to interact with other humans. The fact that most events have a live broadcast now gets me one step closer to going digital. I'm just going to shoot all my photos from the screen here.
All my homies are trying to go digital, too. Colin Clark, Don Brown, Casey Wayne, and Chris Kelly are all virtually in attendance.
I still can totally shoot all my bangin' sequences when I go digital like Tom Schaar's 540 here.
The Editor can even still shoot Frontside Grind Magazine covers once converting to digital. Amazing.
Chris gets rosy cheeks white girl wasted and then starts to smoke.
The only way to smuggle in booze is to already have it in your blood so we're not the only ones hanging out at this bar. We're all sauced up and ready to go analog over to the Contest now.
I know Jordan Ricter best from his part in Video Days. It's nice to randomly run into him every now and then.
There is such a crazy collection of documentation gear here.
Geoff Rowley was in attendance. We learned a lot about his new shoe today that comes out in Spring 2014.
These types of equipment seemed to be everywhere.
Duane Peters blows my mind when I see him skate.
Ira was here with Auxiliary Channel delivering the live webcast and enabling me to fullfill my dreams of being the first human to go digital.
This dude was blasting. Can't remember who he is, though.
Pedro got insane in that bowl.
This kid is growing up quick and holding it down at 13 in there with the grown ups.
Maybe Duane Peters wants to be the second human to go digital and follow in the trail I'm blazing to pants freedom.
Thank you for ripping, Duane.
Mike Rogers is collecting autographs.
The results are in and it's time to head back to the watering hole where we found The Darkness hanging out. He made all the light run from the photo.
Laura is Mark Waters' sister. Brian's asking her what Mark's reaction might be if he proposed marriage to Laura. I'd guess disapproval like a disappointed parent.
Thanks for digitally following along with everything we do over the years, Laura.
You know what the mall grab is. Alex Moul needs his own grab so we invented the Moul grab as he's demonstrating for you here. We all Moul grabbed it right out of town and are back home now. Thanks for a great event, Vans.
The Editor went ahead and gave Bucky the coveted cover spot of Frontside Grind Magazine for winning the Vans Pool Party yesterday. He's 40 as f**k and beat 18 year old Pedro Barros in the Finals. Thanks for the show, Vans. Good bye, California. We'll be back soon. Get all the other issues of Frontside Grind Magazine here. Get results from the Vans Pool Party here.

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