A weekend in NYC, Project BA, LES Skatepark, Street League Article at Skatepark of Tampa

A weekend in NYC, Project BA, LES Skatepark, Street League

Posted on Sunday, September 1, 2013 by Sebastian

Words By Brian Schaefer

Photos By Brian Schaefer and HiDefJoe

5boro's Captain Mark with Shadi going around the world on his Bike - check his photos here
Jon Newport and his new company Holy Bible Belts .
ATL Twins
Kevin Wilkins and Mark Whitely, two smart and cool ass gents
Derek, Blair, Alex, Neal, Ana Cheri
In honor of Ed Templeton - NYC version
Brad Staba and Billy Rohan
Blair Alley in Brian Andrson's Glasses
Mickey Reyes ,Mark Gonzalez, Brian Anderson
Your favorite Artist and Maria
What's Tony Cox up to? Living in Woodstock and taking it easy, especially during his visit here at Project BA shoe release
Took a moment to step into Brooklyn and see some great music - Love As Laughter
Ryan Sheckler is down with SPoT for life!
Joe and Austin Hufnagel - Yep, Keith's nephew Austin will carry the snap over the next two decades
Rock album cover featuring Bobby Worrest, Matt Milligan, and the rest of the band
Joe Pelham working hard with NYC local Chris Pierre Jaques
Rob Dyrdek and Brian Atlas - Street League's finest. Thanks for the hospitality!
Paul Rodriguez - switch kickflip backside tailslide
Joe Pelham and FSEC member Joe Face
John Grigley, Brian Schaefer, Paul Schmitt
Chris and Kris Nieratko sandwich with Derek Rinaldi in the middle
Thank you NYC, we all love you and the hospitality
Bird's eye view of the Big Apple on the way back to Tampa


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