Cruise Control - Episode 1 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Cruise Control - Episode 1

Posted on Thursday, September 5, 2013 by Sebastian

Words by Frank Branca and Joe Pelham
Photos by Aaron Austin

First stop on our St. Pete take over was Lake Vista skatepark. That's Alex Bibiloni ready to shred.
Casey is the "Van Commander" as Schaefer puts it.
Boom! Uncle Sam didn't waste anytime. Proper kickflip.
Dylan Perry came out swinging with this frontside flip.
Stay cold motherfuckers.
Skatepark of Tampa's head of maintenance, Alex Donahue even made the trip out. We were rolling deep.
Aaron Austin is always fun to have around. He also takes some damn good photos as you'll see in this article.
Noelia Felez has a good frontside board on the hand rail. Girls are getting good.
The audience approves.
Dylan with the backside tail while Frank Branca works on his tan. It was so hot that day.
Uncle Sam - nollie heelflip.
Our Lake Vista session ended with James Cobb blasting a fakie flip down the baby double set. On to the next.
We continue our St. Pete adventure with Fossil skatepark where we hooked up some of the locals with the goods.
Aaron Austin snapped this one of Forrest Cunningham showing his enthusiasm for Fossil skatepark.
Everyone gathered on the mini-ramp for a rad session. Here's Dylan with a backside ollie.
This photo pretty much sums up the reason we do these trips. Mikah Collins, Casey Wayne and James Cobb celebrating for some skateboarding maneuvers and having a damn good time doing it.
Brandon Knowles's back smith is in a line if you watch the video.
His nickname might be "Little" but he sure doesn't skate that way. Marse Farmer aka Little with a blunt to fakie on the vert.
SPoT local Keenan Lewis came out for the St. Pete session. That's a 50-50 across and down.
Dylan going straight over.
Time to leave our mark. On to the next spot.
Brandon Knowles took us to this insane spot with these endless green rails. Sam was in heaven.
50-50's for days.
Little had some super long feebles.
Uncle Sam wraps up the trip with a solid front feeble. An amazing turn out to our first of many Cruises Control adventures. Be on the look out, we might load up the van and head to your town next.


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