Surf Expo 2013 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Surf Expo 2013

Posted on Friday, September 13, 2013 by Sebastian

Words and Photos by Frank Branca and Brian Schaefer
The crew arrived in Orlando Friday on a cruise control mission. This is Robby setting up a Fresh DGK board before we hit the streets.
Dylan wasting no time with this tall 5050
Uncle Sam landed this front crook to fakie right before heading to Midtown Skate Park. Be on the look out for Uncle Sam's full part soon.
The Man behind Midtown - Chris Abbott
We were here on a mission to have a good session, hang with the locals, and film some skating for our cruise control.
Midtown local Ryder Bartholomew with a smith grind
Thanks for the selfie, Joe
SPoT team rider Robby Kirkland with a fronstide flip 5-0
Midtown mission accomplished. Thank you Keith Gibbs and the Midtown crew for having us out.
The mission continues at Surf Expo bright and early
Yep, it's official - we arrived at Surf Expo.
Indoor pool
This year Team Pain built a really fun bright yellow course. This is Jon Sciano on a backside nosegrind.
Dickies TM Daniel Wheatly and Pat McClain from AntiHero were on the mic all weekend. Daniel had to leave right after the contest Sunday for Thrasher King of the Road. Good luck on the road Daniel.
Pat Mclain with some cash to hand out during best trick.
Dalton Dern - backside tailslide
Josiah skates our all ages contests. Here he is with an early grab shifty over the plants
Who Dat? Nose blunt
Devin Abreu - kickflip crook
Orlando homie Kevin Perez was capturing the madness all weekend.
Dylan with a proper fakie switch 5-0. I wonder if he purposely wore the yellow shirt?
Jon Sciano lean to tail on the sketchy over vert obstacle
Uncle Sam had to dip out early to head to the Bahamas
Another Babe shot as we head out
Let's grab drink on the way out. Cheers to Surf Expo for the good time
Steve Stratton, Volcom's skateboarding everything
You've heard of kelly Slater? Here's his brother Sean Slater always making an appearance with pride.
Matt from Transworld giving the Surf Expo a thumbs up
Dan Plunkett two thumbs up
Volcom yoga time moments
Volcom's personal yoga instructor Becky is flying around the world to a trade show near you
Volcom had a band play just after Yoga practice, and Bigfoot made an appearance in the pit.
Here's Seamus, Florida's PBR Rep, with Mikah, Alex, and Steve Stratton
Yep, there's always good and wacky gear at Surf Expo. This is a skateboard life guard chair
More great inventions. This lady invited us to "step on, strap in."
Mustache and whisker rides.
"No hope" + "No faith" tattoos, but this photo gives us hope and faith.
Bert Wooton thumbs up to Team Pain's street course - thanks to Team Pain for the course and Dickies for the prize money
Yoga is so hot right now, especially on paddle boards.
Never hurts to have runway models in bathing suits.
Chad Shetler always holding it down with Lost for skateboarding
Volcom's skateboarding team leaders - Steve and Jake Smith
Skatepark of Tampa skate and business team in full effect
Trey and Reggie Barnes from Eastern Skate Supply. Two shows a year for thirty years makes this Reggie's 60th Surf Expo. Wow!


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