SPoT Team in Melbourne, FL: Bojangle$ Premiere Article at Skatepark of Tampa

SPoT Team in Melbourne, FL: Bojangle$ Premiere

Posted on Wednesday, October 2, 2013 by Sebastian

Words by HiDefJoe.
Photos by Frank Branca, Stephen Oliveira, and HiDefJoe.

We loaded up the van yet again to go show our support to our friends out in Melbourne, FL were everyone gathered for a local video premiere titled "Bojangle$," created by Bobby Bils. The video featured some of Melbourne's up and coming skateboarders who frequent SPoT's all ages contests, so we decided to return the favor by making the trip out east.
Mandatory posse photo.
Our awesome tour guide and Focus Magazine photographer Stephen Oliveira snapped this one of Frank Branca and I getting straight to business at the first spot. Here's a backside nose slide 270 out.
Stephen killing it again with this rad photo of Robby Kirland's hardflip noseslide.
Markus Jalaber aka Baby Gucci shut it down with this one. He pulled this to regular, too.
Next up, a gnarly DIY barrier. Dylan Perry has no problem blasting over while Markus looks on.
I went NatGeo on this one. Stephen Oliveira in his natural habitat.
Kass Plummer met up with the squad and brought his family.
Dylan with a switch wallie.
Dylan Perry - Wallie backside 180. He got this one is a line to top off the session.
Mandatory posse photo.
This bowling alley rail was next, where Markus was like a kid in a candy store. This was a feeble to fakie. Look at that foot!
Markus - Backside 180 Nose grind.
From Stephen's proper angle. Markus had this trick on lock.
Markus wrapped things up with a frontside Hurricane.
We finally made it to The Park where the Bojangle$ premiere was going down. Melbourne's finest welcomed us with open arms.
The Noel brothers make perfect standing arm rest.
Matt Leach, thanks for letting us skate your park!
These high shorts are in with the ladies I guess.
I made my way into the park to check out some skating. Here's Kass with a proper frontside flip.
Markus - Backside flip.
Sorry, Noel brothers, but I still can't tell you apart. I do know that this was a backside over crook, though.
There was a mini best trick contest before the premiere, where some people came up on fresh gear.
Thats Bobby Bils in the white shirt. He's the creative mastermind behind Bojangle$. Why the stank eye, Stephen?
We're ready to see Bojangle$!
Down for life.
We were hyped on this kid's t-shirt. Frank used to own a skate shop, and "Stay Loose" was the title of one of his videos. Check out his part here.
The Park filled up nicely.
Good stuff, Booby Bils. The night was a success.
The Ladies where feeling Ish Cepeda's part. Thanks to our Melbourne friends for the hospitality and entertainment! We'll be back soon.
We were on our way back home the next morning, but had to get some work in. This is Robbie Kirkland posing a long ass front board right before we got the boot by officer doofy.
Our journey continues with the ultimate wind down: Wekiva Springs in Orlando. Van commander Casey Wayne and Dylan Perry enjoying some beverages spring side.
FSEC member Steve Ayers aka Stalker Steve joined us at the springs. Steve is working for Bright Futures Sunglasses which are some pretty dope shades we sell in the shop. Check them out here.
This might be the next Skatepark of Tampa ad. The two most unlikely people to be manning a canoe.
Man we like doing these group shots. Thanks, Frank, for showing this amazing slice of paradise.
So, what do you do when you still have beers left over and friends to hang out with? You go to the closest skate spot, of course. Not wanting the good times to end, we all met at this notorious Orlando spot, the Maitlan quarters, to keep the night going.
Dylan with his Sketchy Magic game. Look for it soon @justdylanperry.
I some how got a drunken rock n' roll in before I had one too many beers. Thanks Casey for the photo.
Alex Bibiloni was killing herself for a backside disaster. Next time, Alex.
Our Orlando friend Mike Wine celebrates after landing some maneuvers on the quarters. What a crazy weekend. Let's do it again soon.


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