Posted on Monday, October 21, 2013 by Sebastian

We read through your comments, and someone with the email seegee2006 came out on top. Good work, and check your inbox, Mr. seegee2006. Thank you to everyone who got in on this Digital Product Toss.
seegee2006: There are more eyes on my deck than I can misspell. Oct 16 2013 11:32PM
msendejo03: Hook me up with a new TOY from toy machine!! Oct 17 2013 8:10AM
jo3yd91: What goes vroom, screech, vroom, screech, vroom, screech? A .. A blonde going through a flashing red light. (you know this made yougiggle) Oct 18 2013 2:50PM
sbowes: I could really use a ticket to greatness right about now. Or a skateboard, a skateboard works, too. Oct 18 2013 9:16PM
lizzyguerra: i really need a toy machine its a raw deck and min eis chipped and cracked and my parents wont buy me a deck so pleae pick me please please! Oct 16 2013 7:56PM
layneb1210: Hey, if you wanna laugh. Here let me shove a bundle of bananas up my ass! Oct 16 2013 8:25PM
Zooyorkjd: Hah just snapped my bored today. Did you know Ed Templeton is a Vegan? I know youre doubting me, but it's true. And his art is dopeeee Oct 16 2013 11:00PM
camdengaba: will twerk for boards Oct 16 2013 9:44PM
reignsk8er6: when chuck norris daugter lost her virginity, he wen and got it back Oct 17 2013 2:09PM
elmustachiooo: The following sentence is false. The last statement is true. Oct 17 2013 10:44AM
vanjennette: you wanna be entertained? Jereme Rogers music career. Oct 18 2013 12:45PM
edwin.sti29: Oct 18 2013 10:51PM
landy283: Bully- 'Hey fat ass.Whu you so fat?" Fat Kid- Because eveytime i f*ck your mother she gives me a cookie.'' Oct 18 2013 11:52PM
mikey_edsall: Just because you put tap shoes on an elephant does not mean it can dance. Oct 17 2013 4:53PM
ed.slamin: I need a new deck in the worst way Oct 16 2013 6:47PM
derbyrenn: VEGANS SUCK! Oct 19 2013 6:15PM
drew_albracht: Pick me, I will put these to good use! Oct 16 2013 7:13PM
joelmvasquez: Tempster and SPOT killing it as always! Oct 17 2013 4:45PM
markpflugh: you ever noticed when your in school you are your mamas baby but when your 18 your just that guy around the house Oct 18 2013 8:40PM
lewistomlison: My board is totally trashed im currently using my sisters barbiedoll board i really need something to ride my shoes are crap too lol !!! Oct 19 2013 10:58PM
musicbatman: I really like the way you bunsened up that burner, Rita.... Oh thanks teehhee Oct 17 2013 7:13PM
cutintopieces: Entertaining? Nothing is more entertaining than rubbing a corn cob soaked in turpentine on a cats ass and watchin it run. Whooo! NC rules. Oct 17 2013 12:02AM
lextuxten: toy machine is an original classic. Ed templton is also the person who keeps the brand alive and breathing. i love his art work on his decks Oct 17 2013 6:38AM
Jmorse2: Templeton is a fan of Peter North, gotta love him. Oct 18 2013 1:42PM
werthit: When I trun 21 I got a complete Ed Tempelton "Jump off a building" "pink Bunny". That complete got me back to my own skating! Ed rules. Oct 16 2013 7:37PM
sjhurle: Say bubbles' Oct 16 2013 9:50PM
tucker.northgate: phones ringing dude. Oct 16 2013 9:11PM
jake18asp45: awsome!give it to me!!!! Oct 17 2013 12:31AM
xxjohnny4: remember me brian shcaffer??? you gave me a shirt at the bowl jam for needing the most improvement lol XD Oct 18 2013 3:37PM
kain.mcdonald: I think about pool coping when Im on the golf course. I'm old but still young enough... Oct 17 2013 11:19AM
krookedshred311: Plz give this loyal pawn a free scoot. Cracked my first board on accident in 14 years. IM PISSED |:< Oct 16 2013 11:33PM
sickboy1377: Whats the difference between a proctologist and a bartender? A proctologist only has to look at one asshole at a time. Oct 17 2013 8:35AM
Ashleymcclure3610: This one time I went camping with my in laws with no water or toilet and I leaned on a tree to poop and it landed Im my pants! Crappy! Oct 19 2013 10:08AM
kidyouvegotpotential: Lil B is our friend 2013 Oct 16 2013 7:16PM
pkshield: YUK YUCK till ya BUK BUCK! ya HERD? Oct 16 2013 7:02PM
sean.bargmann: yuck yuck yuck ed likes to show his balls alot. Oct 16 2013 10:44PM
luiscabrera336: i just got suspended for loging on to spot to do this i love this to much and grounde deck broke in half but hey i want a toy machine Oct 17 2013 12:51PM
mjm92: yuck yuk duck duk tuck tuk fuck fuk you! Oct 16 2013 8:21PM
brian.sanderlin: YuK Yuck.......... Oct 17 2013 2:42AM
btw1174: If @tempster_returns ever comes back from the euro art world maybe I can track him down and have him sign it. Oct 16 2013 8:09PM
Mattedhairs: Wow what a couple of monsterous boards, eye mean seriously scary stuff Oct 17 2013 7:18AM
samniggli: I would let the Tempster take a pic of me naked. Toy Machine 4 Lyfe Motherfucker!!!!! Oct 17 2013 9:09PM
jhathcoat: Always love seeing the toy machine sticker in half baked.... Oct 18 2013 3:54AM
jshg62: Yo mamma is so fat her blood type is Ragu. Yo mama is so Fat that when she goes to the zoo, elephants throw HER peanuts. THATSALLFOLKS Oct 17 2013 4:44AM
howfearyou: cows are playing with the greys without control of their minds. Oct 18 2013 11:57PM
greensten3003: Broke my finger skating on a Toy Machine. Made the ladies feel sympathetic and took one home. Thanks for the ladies Toy Machine! Oct 16 2013 9:06PM
edwin_romero39: Last night a costumer came to get some condoms, I asked him do you want a bag' and he replied 'no shes not that ugly' Oct 18 2013 11:20PM
th3_missing_link: chewbacca riding a squirrel fighting nazis....youre welcome Oct 17 2013 10:11AM
gus_romero75: My girl caught me blowing my dick with the air dryer, and asked what I was doing? Apparently "heating your dinner" wasnt a good answer. Oct 18 2013 11:26PM
Emamel: Im so broke, I'm being sponsored by a kid in Africa. Oct 16 2013 6:57PM
Whyat_e: Yo mamas so stupid she tried to no the cup song with a bottle Oct 17 2013 5:04PM
xtremefreak101: You wanna hear a funny joke, Jereme Rogers music career. Oct 18 2013 12:53PM
trewqp: Im poor, but am going to college to become rich. Support El Presidente and him give him the chance to succed, gracious amigos! Oct 17 2013 3:10PM
jdunn3001: Worst company ever, must lose. Oct 17 2013 9:16AM
bradleyjrtime: I would gladly trade you my ass fault winnings for an ed deck. yuk yuk yuck Oct 17 2013 10:13AM
Kevin.timmons00: Skatepark of tampa is the best place to be, simple as that Oct 17 2013 8:37AM
Kylemonster94: Enter me to try and win please and thanks. Oct 16 2013 8:19PM
brixton1984: Trying to win this for my husband. This Yuck board would be perfect for his yuck skating. Toy Machine is the best times 10 Oct 16 2013 9:24PM
MATTHEWBATSON: I need a new deck (Trucks, wheels, bearings). Wack ass Lake Vista thugs did a little gangster boogie on me. Oct 16 2013 10:33PM
gainey94: lil b is the rawest rapper alive ....task force Oct 16 2013 9:36PM
travis.chester: poo poo vagina Oct 16 2013 9:41PM
Eudemon09: Need some Toy Machine in my life. Oct 16 2013 11:04PM
Nckhine: I farted in class once and blamed it on the kid who couldnt speak English Oct 17 2013 12:34AM
slymcguffie: R.I.P. Rodney Dangerfield. Oct 18 2013 2:04PM
cs2521: The eye of Templeton sees all, word to your weird! Oct 16 2013 9:08PM
adamj1187: i look at the deck with the eyes and all i can see is a row of vaginas winking at me... Oct 16 2013 10:46PM
Lpescatore: A deck of Ed in red, my purple head exploded in bed Oct 16 2013 9:04PM
alex78: Tickle tickle. Oct 18 2013 6:20PM
mcmahon.brian.p: Skate naked! Oct 17 2013 3:03PM
jpenick314: My 4 year old likes to go to the skatepark to check out the other kids moms. Starting early! Oct 17 2013 7:48AM
colejordan46718: sex panther it works 60% of the time all the time! and it smells like bigfoots dick with a side of baby diaper full of Indian food anchorman Oct 17 2013 7:33AM
karlhof: I want it Oct 16 2013 9:58PM
ur1finegrl: if you wanna see something funny give your friend a laxative and a sleeping pill in the same night Oct 16 2013 9:58PM
c.mcgibbon76: Im Smoking Good with my Stem and Seeds Hardware better get you some... Oct 16 2013 9:42PM i should win a toy machine deck because, i win at everything anyway and not winning this toy machine deck would break my streak Oct 17 2013 4:17AM
Bakersk8r15: Hope I win, I need a new deck soon. Oct 16 2013 10:26PM
sk8venom: Pick me! Oct 16 2013 7:06PM
flacobubu: Dis look like I of da tiger Oct 16 2013 9:21PM
Twalker3: Now we can meet mr. Dragon. Oct 17 2013 10:50AM
awakeindream55: Brandon Westgate should be on Toy Machine ! Oct 16 2013 8:04PM
nico77miller: Maybe ill be able to do naked impossibles if i get this Oct 16 2013 8:46PM
Wball: I know a girl who went to the bathroom, and it wouldnt flush. So she made toilet paper gloves and put it in the trash can at her office job Oct 19 2013 6:33PM