Boards for Bros 2013 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Boards for Bros 2013

Posted on Monday, December 23, 2013 by Sebastian

Words and photos by Marino Nicastro.
Video by Frank Branca and Joe Pelham.

Boards for Bros 2013 starting off well - Sebastian, Mikah, and Brian Schaefer get the van ready for departure.
The Jit Squad helped out a lot for Boards for Bros this year, here you see Alejandro Burnell and Giancarlo Scalise helping pack the van.
The crew was heavy for the first delivery - we had Markus Jalaber as Santa and the Jit Squad as his elves.
Payson helped raise over 40 dollars to donate to the foundation by selling homemade candles.
The first spot we went to was a basketball court, here's Casey Wayne teaching this kid how to skate after giving him his first board.
All the kids were hyped!
The next big spot we rolled up to was a neighborhood, the kids were slow to come out at first, but a crowd quickly grew once we got underway.
Right around the corner there were a lot of families outside, so Jack Loktu and the crew had to help distribute.
It was getting hectic, and Eric Mckenney was blunt sliding with traffic.
This place had a great turn out! we got to see a lot of happy faces.
We had one last stop, and it was our biggest turnout of the day - we had the dogs getting boards, too.
This kid got this board that day and was shredding right off the bat! Natural talent for sure, we'll see you here at the park, hopefully.
Everyone was having fun!
I think we introduced them to skateboarding the right way!
Skateboards, Rails, Spray paint and Santa hats - all things needed for day two of Boards for Bros.
HiDefJoe joined us today to help film. Lead and shred all day.
Mark Jalaber is our Santa again and Brian Schaefer is SPoT's Santa.
The crew was a bit smaller for this delivery, but we still killed it just as hard.
We loaded up the van with over 60 boards, shoes and other accessories, and headed out in hopes of getting it all to some future shredders.
When we got there and started spreading the word, it didn't take long for the lines to start.
This kid was stoked on his crazy griptape.
Chris Preston helped kids pimp out their griptape with their names.
Santa and the kids.
Killin it!
Sebastian Chande and Jeni Armstrong were also killing it - Jeni is great with the kids.
After the boards were given out we gave them a small demo, here's Markus getting a stylish front board in the Santa costume.
Ali Tawoosi skating this manly pole jam with a huge no comply jam.
Frank Branca got a sick 5-0 pop over the rail.
HiDefJoe got a solid pole jam, and Frank approves.
Boards For Bros was a great success, day two wrapped up nicely, and we gave out over 200 boards this year. Thanks for your contributions!


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