Franks for Nothing: Winter Haven

Posted on Thursday, January 23, 2014 by Sebastian

Words and photos by Marino Nicastro.
Video by Frank Branca.
This Franks For Nothing started in Winter Haven Florida, with team riders Eric Mckenney and James Cobb, guest Joe Santy, and Frank Branca.
Frank was a great director in these shoots.
We started here at the Verizon building, right in the center of downtown.
Eric Mckenney sticks into a long tailslide to pop over the stairs.
Next stop was the post office. Here's Eric Blasting an ollie over the hydrant.
Joe ollies onto the bank to ride into that 5-0 and then rode out.
We went to this classic downhill spot to 10 stair on the mission for James. Here he got a line into a half cab down the set.
It isn't as easy of spot as it may appear.
This is the Amphitheater in downtown Winter Haven on the water. Glad we went here because it was a fun spot with many things to skate.
Joe came out from the stage and landed into a smooth front nose on this rail.
Eric left this spot with an ollie over the handicap gap that is hidden behind that wall.
This is one of the many other spots we didn't have time to hit. Unlike many want to believe, Winter Haven has a lot of spots.
Across the street, though, James hits a fakie shifty to drop.
As the night began, we hit this wallride spot for Joe behind the Goodwill.
Joe owned this spot, and ended with a wallride on the back of this TV thanks to his friends' support. Joining us with the white hat was Harry Chippas, another local who brought great commentary and showed us the secret spots.
Its not a Franks for Nothing without some mayhem. Eric smashes the TV after Joe gets his wallride.
This was an abandoned skatepark Harry showed us, and it had unbelievably bad ground. The only thing that remains is this hip and a large bank ramp for speed. Eric blasted a backsideflip and later a big flip on this thing.
This curved rail was a legendary spot - Andrew Reynolds first 50-50'd this thing in 1996 in 411 Four Wheel Drive. Joe does a front board early pop out.
Eric did a boardslide to fakie down it first try without filming it, but Frank made sure to get it.
We ended the night at this long flat gap. Backside 180 to start it off for James.