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Agenda Trade Show NYC Photos

Posted on Sunday, January 26, 2014 by Sebastian

Photos / Captions: Mikah Collins & Brian Schaefer.
Story: Mikah Collins.

This past week Brian and I found ourselves in New York City for the Agenda Trade Show. Going from Agenda Long Beach two weeks prior, to Agenda NYC was tough, considering the temperatures in NYC were never above 22 degrees. Regardless of the frigid temperatures, and inches of snow we managed to see some old friends, new ones and the regular trade show characters. Full story below the photos.
Our first night in 12 degree weather Ryan Dewitt from Vans delivers great hospitality and one of those NYC accidental run into good friend David Stoddard from Brixton.
Don't let the height represent less strength. Lakai's fearless leaders, Kelly Bird and Craig Chimile
DC dinner with Reign, Kinetic, Pit Crew, and Nocturnal Skate Shop, thanks Jeff Pang, Wallace, and crew.
Ricky Oyola in charge with Pat Steiner, Bobby Boyd, Reign Skate Shop and friends at the Max Fish Pop up Bar.
DIY Baker Boys Distribution office doing great things in 2014.
Erik Ellington and Jason Callaway kindly allow us to interrupt business talk for a photo.
Here's a look some fresh HUF goods hitting in Fall 2014. From left to right, the Ramondetta pro model in camo, Hufnagel Pro 2 in black leather, and the Dylan Rieder pro model in white leather.
Here's a closer look at the HUF Dylan pro model, since it was the talk of the show. The shoe is definitely a fit for Dylan. If you were lucky enough to make it to Agenda NYC and made it by the HUF booth, they hooked it up with a stick & poke tattoo kit. Rad stuff HUF!
Baker Boys Dist. went full DIY style for NYC. Best booth in the event goes to these guys!
Mic-E making some photo ops happen.
Good times, obviously.
Swallowing swords wasn't enough. Jumping on glass was the next kick.
Dig in!
Haven't seen these guys since the Vans x SPoT x Russ Pope event at the park. Good to see you guys again. Check Russ's collab shoe for SPoT here.
Old friends reunited, Billy Rohan & BS.
One of the guys I looked up to as a kid, Adrian Lopez.
We couldn't escape Agenda without strangers having to get a Photo with Ray & BS.
Thanks Agenda for the show and hospitality. See you in LB this Summer.
A closure to the trip with a few beers at Iggy's Bar wishing we could have closed it out at Max Fish, but we felt at home when we noticed Westside's sticker right next to us. We kindly left our mark and toasted to a fun short cold trip to NYC.

Day One

We arrived in town in the morning and the snow had just began to come down. We checked in to the hotel and I hit the streets to check out some local shops such as DQM & Vans DQM The General. Once I heard the majority of the locals complaining about the cold, I knew it was bad. That night we went out for dinner and drinks with Ryan Dewitt from Vans. Thanks for the hospitality and good times.

Day Two

The first day of Agenda. We found ourselves shuffling down the street, with the other city goers, layered from head to toe, avoiding the icy side walks. The venue was packed with exhibitors & show attendees.Booths at NYC were downsized from Long Beach to stay true to traditional NYC style. After the show, we met up with Jeff Pang and the DC crew for a pre-line showing. Fellow shops Reign, Kinetic & Pitcrew were present for the showing as well. Thanks Jeff and DC for the opportunity to give feedback on the skate line. After dinner, we found ourselves at the Max Fish Pop Up in LES. Rad art, beer and homies. Shuffling down the street from there, we arrive at the Brixton after party. Thanks David Stoddard for the invite.

Day Three

The second day of Agenda, was quite like the first, but with new entertainments. A sword swallower, snack lady & a chick jumping on broken glass. Nothing like side shows and skateboards. Baker Boys Distribution had the best booth in the house by far, check out the pics above! After the show, we made our way to Agenda Emerge. A conference for brand and creative building. This one featured the likes of Bobby Hundreds, Marc Ecko, Jeff Staple & Johnny Cupcakes, who by far was the most creative. Thanks Agenda for making the whole show happen and having some many people out. Until Summer....


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