Tampa Pro 2004 Team Manager and Industry VIP Contest Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Pro 2004 Team Manager and Industry VIP Contest

Posted on Friday, March 12, 2004 by Rob

Tampa Pro 2004 Team Manager and Industry VIP Contest: Friday, March 12, 2004
Words and Photos by Rob Meronek

Ryan Clements had a perfect run and won it. I had a perfectly busted run and ended up being one of those guys that misses every trick. You're just like, "Dude, try something you can land, asshole." Yeah, one of those guys. Anyway, some old dudes in this contest are still ripping like Josh Friedberg from 411. He's got a giant pop shuv and some big back heels, but couldn't stay on in his run. Justin Williams was ripping, too. Here's the results:

  1. Ryan Clements - Flawless second run / Most consistant Black sock wearing / Grayest Hair
  2. Gabe Clement - Finally changed his run up from last year and having two flawless runs
  3. Scott Koerner - holding it down for Dakine / Thanks for the bags for prizes
  4. BC - board switch hand flip ax murderer
  5. Jason Rothmeyer - 6 pack root beer / for keeping it real…low to the ground / Tech nasty on the bank / and no comply nasty
  6. Jim Thiebaud - Only switch trick in the contest / Solid runs / and not dropping in the Kahuna to knee slide like last year
  7. Josh Friedberg - Mad Pop Shove its / Krooked grinds
  8. Al Partanain - Worst Slams / Front Blunt / First run crail Stop on Pyramid slam to have a beer / Running into the pole yesterday
  9. Kevin Marks - Best use of the 15 second rest time
  10. Justin Williams - Fakie Nosegrind / being to tech with the most pop
  11. Mark Oblow - Lip slide around the corner
  12. Dave Smith - Modern dance moevs on the street course floor
  13. Rob Meronek - Frontside 180 nose grind and not making the kick frip over rail rail
  14. Joey Picciolo - Running Man Jump 50/50 down the flat bar rail
  15. Ewan Bowman - Birthday boy / 12 pack for the board slide across flat bar
  16. Craig Glover - Just for showing up and donating $20
  17. Ryan DeWitt - Smith grind on the step up box / Flawless Switch 360 flip up the step up


The crew
Ryan Clements won a lot of beer so make sure you get all yours from him over the weekend
Ryan Clements won a lot of loot, too
Scotty Conley and Brian Schaefer with the prizes
Mark Oblow - frontside ollie from quarter to quarter
Ryan Dewitt - pop shuv
Josh Friedberg - crooks
Josh Friedberg - big pop shuv
Justin Williams - 360 flip
Gabe Clement - frontside rock
Jim Theibaud - ollie
Jim Theibaud - ollie
Ewan Bowman, Flip Team Manager, claims his 12 pack prize
This is BC with an early grab method


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