Tampa Pro 2014: Day 1

Posted on Friday, March 21, 2014 by Chris

Photos by: Aaron Austin
Video by: Frank Branca, Tommy Bohn, Rob Hoovis
Welcome to the 21st annual Tampa Pro at the Skatepark of Tampa, presented by Nike SB. The course was sparse this morning, but by the early afternoon it started to heat up. The Brazilians were pushing the session all day long.
Braulio Sagas was bringing some of that South American fire today with tricks like this ollie to fakie on the quarter. Braulio is here from Santiago, Chile.
Chaz Ortiz has come so close to winning both Tampa Pro and Tampa Am contests in the past. With tricks like this leveled out backside across the rail, he's going to be a contender for the top spot again this year.
For years now, Danny Cerezini has been making the trip from Brazil to Tampa for the am and pro contests. Welcome back to Tampa Danny.
Trevor Colden just had a birthday and went pro for Skate Mental within a week of making his first appearance in a Tampa Pro. Trevor won the Tampa Am in 2011.
Let's pause for a gear check. I spotted RB Umali filming Chaz Ortiz with a Red Pro camera and had to get a photo of him with it.
Felix Arguelles, Chaz Ortiz and Manny Santiago chumming it up in between their annihilation of the course. I saw that nollie hardflip you did Felix... and Manny, the varial heel boardslide was insane.
Ryan Decenzo with a big ol' frontside ollie. Ryan is another Tampa Am winner - he took the cake back in 2008.
Ryan Decenzo - 360 flip.
If you haven't seen it, watch Felipe Gustavo's 20th anniversary SPoT video on the park website where he talks about his first Tampa experience back in 2007, in which his father sold their car to buy a plane ticket to the states from Brazil. Felipe went on to win Tampa Am that year. Is this the year he wins the pro?
Felipe took a break from skating to film Italo Romano doing a line across the park. Italo's skating is so amazing to watch- no wonder Felipe wants to document it.
Name this Brazilian - nollie heel.
Rob Hoovis is working on the digital team for this year's contest. That's him double fisting cameras -- long lens and fisheye -- just so he doesn't miss a shot, like this high speed nosegrind.
Timmy Knuth is a Floridian and has a mean kickflip. He's taking it to front crook on the rail in this photo.
It was as if the country of Brazil was putting on a demo today. Kelvin Hoefler, from Sao Paulo, on a backside tailslide.
Two legends. Paul Schmitt and Mike Frazier.
Here's another Floridian and pure street skater, Jimmy Lannon, doing a street move -- wallride nollie. You should buy his pro board on Magenta.
Brian Anderson's board company, 3D, along with Skate Mental and Tired Skateboards, will be hosting a party called "Time Travel" on Saturday night in Ybor City at 1910 East 7th Ave from 8p.m. to midnight. You should go support these guys after you enjoy the contest that day.