Tampa Pro 2014 Day 3 Nightlife: 3D, Skate Mental, and Tired Skateboards Art Show Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Pro 2014 Day 3 Nightlife: 3D, Skate Mental, and Tired Skateboards Art Show

Posted on Sunday, March 23, 2014 by Chris

Photos by Marino
Words by Marino and Chris
After the Qualifiers were over on Saturday and the park closed down for the day, it was time to head to Ybor City again for the Tired, 3D, and Skate Mental art show. Here's Brian Anderson and Brad Staba representing.
Can you spot the real team rider here? Here's the Skate Mental "signing booth".
The legend Ron Allen and Dan Plunkett.
Skate Mental, 3D, and Tired had boards hanging everywhere.
There's a balcony that overlooks seventh avenue in Ybor from this venue, which is a prime spot for people-watching. Here's Ishod and company taking advantage of it.
Luis Tolentino and Elissa Steamer.
Here's Chris Pastras fanning out over the Skate Mental cut-out team. Thanks for killing the broadcast all weekend, Chris.
One of the best things about the art show was the photo booth. Trevor Colden managed to get this shot of Brad Staba jumping in the middle of everyone at the last minute, hence the blurry photo.
Chris Pastras, Tim O'Connor and Jordan Hoffart.
Apparently, some dude tried to steal a board and got pinched for it. Here's Koston explaining it to Brad Staba.
If you haven't heard about Tired skateboards yet, check them out. Piet Parra does the artwork and they are bringing back some old school shapes. Here's where the stolen board was hanging.
Thanks everyone for coming out tonight and thanks to 3D, Tired, and Skate Mental for a great time. See you all tomorrow for the Semis and Finals.


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