School's Out Jam 2014 Recap Article at Skatepark of Tampa

School's Out Jam 2014 Recap

Posted on Wednesday, June 11, 2014 by Chris

Video by Frank Branca & Rob Hoovis.
Photos and words by Aaron Austin
I hope you made it out to the park on Saturday for the School's Out Jam, presented by Krew. If you didn't, then you unfortunately didn't come up on any of the free product Krew was giving out, but at least you can check out the photos I shot and watch the edit that Frank put together.
Darius Norton has moved out of the little guy 8 and Under division into the very competitive 9-12 division. Darius made an interesting wardrobe selection, but it didn't affect his kickflips on the Kahuna.
Wesley Box took first place in the 9-12 division with tricks like this pressure flip down the china bank.
I spotted this fan with a SPoT tattoo on her ankle. Til' infinity, right?!
The little guys are always a blast to watch. Here are the top 5 in the 8 and Under division. From left to right: Dane Dowding, 3rd; Danny Boyd, 2nd; Xavier Schwarz, 1st; Tyler Loftus, 5th; Payson Brugge, 4th.
Danny Boyd has become a local here at the park, and the older guys have encouraged him along. James Cobb was stoked that Danny placed 2nd in the second contest Danny has ever skated in.
Jomar Ortiz Garcia, from Ponce, Puerto Rico, makes it to a lot of our events here at SPoT. Jomar also skates really well. Here's Jomar on a blasted kickflip over the pyramid, straight into second place in the 9-12 division.
Top five from the 9-12 division, from left to right: Tyson Zane, 5th; Connor Hunger, 4th; Austin Hufnagel, 3rd; Jomar Ortiz Garcia, 2nd; Wesley Box, 1st.
Will Schumatti has a good backside lipslide down the handrail. Will was on a roll in the 13-15 division and took fourth place.
Top five from the 13-15 division, from left to right: Alex Cheek, 5th; Will Schumatti, 4th; Chuckie Wooder, 1st; Jordi Zapata, 3rd; Jordan Bostick, 2nd.
The School's Out Jam was the last contest Casey will be working here at SPoT. He'll be with us for next weekend's Damn Am Minneapolis, but after that, he's ramblin' on. Best of luck, Casey.
Christian Henry-Bissett got the 16 and Up division started with a dipped backside smithgrind down the rail.
Richard Hatten had a nice hardflip down the stairs during his jam. He's super consistent, and used that to his advantage placing 2nd in 16 and Up.
Top five from 16 and Up, from left to right: Dion Pinto, 5th; James Wright, 3rd; Jesse Villamar, 1st, Richard Hatten, 2nd; not pictured: Leshard Green AKA Sheep, 4th.
I took a walk through the courtyard while sponsored practice got underway and happened to spot what I thought was a weird looking little dog. Instead, I met Porky, the teacup pig. I don't dig on swine - to eat, that is, but Porky was pretty cool.
Back on the course, the sponsored division was heating up. Alejandro Burnell never ceases to amaze me with the new air variations he learns every week. He smacked disaster on his way back into the tranny on this backside air.
Austin McCahan had these massive hardflips over the pyramid every try. Even though he made this in his run, Austin didn't make the sponsored finals. He still ripped, though. Tyson Peterson has the BGP's on this one.
Niko Howard took this smithgrind across and down the rail into the finals, where he placed 3rd. He's a madman, bouncing off the walls all over the park during his jams.
Mat Call is definitely one of my favorite people to watch on a skateboard. I'm blown away at what he does on his board. This one really surprised me. Frontside 360 handplant from the China bank up onto the deck. He was almost completely inverted!
Tyson Peterson frontside bluntslid his way into second place in the sponsored division finals.
Top five from Sponsored division, left to right: Tyson Peterson, 2nd; Ross Caruso, 5th; Nick Wallace, 1st; Niko Howard, 3rd; Markus Jalaber, 4th.
Thanks Krew and crew for sponsoring the contest and hanging out at the park all weekend!
Taylor Kirby skated between jams all day while at the park and did this super lofty frontside flip disaster on the quarter.
Deein Coats and Tyson Peterson: Buddies.
When the contest wrapped up, the Jitt Squad went back to work hustlin' each other out front, throwing dice and making money. How do I get a loan little buddies?


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