SPoT Life: The KR3W Crew Cruises Article at Skatepark of Tampa

SPoT Life: The KR3W Crew Cruises

Posted on Friday, June 13, 2014 by Chris

The last time I wrote one of these articles, I’m sure it was way too long. So in an attempt to keep the interest of any young, Instagram loving, A.D.D. riddled kids & adults who are actually taking the time to read this, I’ll keep it short. For additional info on what’s what, watch Frank Branca’s lovely Ride Channel edit & view the photos that accompany these words.

I was asked by SPoT to come up & help film, shoot some photos of & interview the KR3W riders who were coming into town for the “School's Out Jam All Ages Contest” & a Sunday trip to skate. The line-up would be Taylor Kirby, AJ Zavala, Windsor James, & Nick Zizzo. Along with them would be the KR3W TM, Chris “Brownie” Brown, myself, Frank Branca, Brian Schaefer, SPoT riders Dylan Church, Uncle Sam Bellipanni, Alex Bibiloni, & Markus Jalaber. My answer was… an emphatic - yes! Yes sir, actually.

To get to the gist of it, AJ & Taylor who are a part of the now famous “Shep Dawgs” crew & just put out what has to be the gnarliest homie video of all time - never stopped skating. NEVER. Except for a few hours of sleep, these guys didn’t quit, & it was amazing to see that type of drive again. Nicky Z. killed it as well. Windsor unfortunately had to take off early. The whole Sunday trip to the Bro Bowl & Bradenton was filled with eye-popping tricks by everyone who was there to skate. There was a hell of a lot of fun & good memories. So enjoy the photos, watch the edit, be entertained & keep pushing…

Rob Hoovis

Words and photos by Rob Hoovis, except where noted.
Video by Frank Branca.
TM Chris Brown is a damn good dude who likes to have a damn good time.
Frank Branca is a rare human. Humble, mellow, hard working and a rad skater. I enjoy working with him emensely. Looking forward to the next adventure.
Nick, Alex, Frank, Sam, Chris and AJ enjoying the warm water of Bradenton Beach.
Nick Zizzo and TM Chris Brown take it easy after a long day of skating.
This may have been the gnarliest thing I've ever seen live, in person. Shep Dawg AJ Zavala - FS Nosepick on the monster wall at the Bradenton park.
AJ gets a FS Nosepick on 5 feet of vert - Fisheye Sequence.
Here's another angle of that insane nosepick sequence.
AJ - yet another still from the sequence of what is undoubtedly the sickest thing ever.
Taylor Kirby Nose blunt slide, Bradenton.
Taylor and AJ with their new threads.
Nick Zizzo enjoying all that is Florida.
Rob and Nick.
Our squad for the day, deep in the jungle swamp of Brandenton.
Taylor at the truckstop - happy with his rare find. Florida's gas stations and truckstops rule for this.
Taylor's truckstop trinket.
Chris Brown starting the party.
Taylor Kirby - Bluntslide, Bradenton.
Markus Jalaber up in this piece!
Alex Bibiloni - back lip in Bradenton.
Taylor Kirby never stops skating - ollie in Brandenton.
Tampa, fool!
BS finds a Young American to snap a photo of.
KR3W squad lined up at the start of the Bro Bowl Snake run.
Taylor Kirby heads in with Nick Zizzo in tow.
Taylor Kirby - Crazy Ollie North over Andrew Reynolds' Gap at the Bro Bowl.
BS behind the scenes for Ride Channel in Ybor City.
The lovely and talented Ms. Alex B. showing up in Ybor.
...And we'll end it with a picture of Knuckles that will be included in every article I happen to work on. Thanks to Taylor Kirby and AJ Zavala, and everyone who made this trip happen, and big thanks to KR3W for sending these guys to Florida. See you next time.


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