Girl Open House, Agenda LBC, Skate Copa Finals & More! Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Girl Open House, Agenda LBC, Skate Copa Finals & More!

Posted on Monday, July 14, 2014 by Chris

Last week, SPoT crew: Schaefer, Alex Bowers, Mikah Collins & Frank Branca traveled out to Long Beach, CA, for the Agenda Trade Show. We also took along SPoT Team riders, Uncle Sam Bellipanni, Jereme Knibbs, Markus Jalaber & James Cobb to skate in the Adidas Skate Copa Finals at The Berrics. Check our photo recap below of everything from Girl's Open House to Agenda madness.

Words by: Mikah Photos by: Mikah, Brian and Frank
Girl Open House arrival with Guest Host Giovonni Reda and SPoT Crew.
Girl’s HQ is filled with relics from their legacy, and a few familiar ones, such as this award from Tampa Pro in 1997.
Another great piece of history we spotted were these mopeds used in the Mouse video.
Jerry Hsu is the newest member of the Chocolate family and is ready for another 20 years.
Hazard County skatepark’s right hand man, Eli Williams was ripping.
Live music.
Daniel Espinoza, Mario Miller from Active, and Chris Roberts.
Markus is hyped to be in Cali for the first time and he was also hyped to see his boy T-Bone.
Epicly Patrick O'Dell with Giovanni, and Canada's finest, Tony Ferguson. 
There were a ton of fun games for everyone like Rudy Johnson’s Truck You Toss.
Poaching a photo of Sean Malto and some fans.
Wednesdays with Reda.
The Girl Open House was hosting an invitational contest for the shops that were there for Agenda, and some locals too. In between heats, we ran into our old friend Andrew Pott. I’m sure you’ll never guess whose giving him the thumbs up. Good to see you, Andrew!
The finals were about to start. You can see the finalists in the back right corner.
Your all-star judging crew for the contest inside the Girl TF - Sam Smyth, Mike Carroll, Jeron Wilson, Sean Malto (Instagram moment), and our favorite Floridian, Matt Milligan.
Legend Aaron Meza.
The judges and the crowd.
Schaefer and Damn Am’s favorite, Dylan Williams.
Jereme was in the finals and destroyed this parking curb that came straight from Canada.
Chris Casey from the Captain and Casey show that used to be on TV was announcing the contest.
Each shop was allowed one rider from the team to enter the contest. As you can see, our boy Jereme Knibbs was our rider for the contest, and he came up on the 2nd place prize. Jeron Wilson approves the top 3 winners.
Jeron Wilson, Sean Malto, and Justin Eldridge.
Day one of the Agenda Trade Show and FSEC member Brian “YODA” Upapong was there to greet us. Always good to be welcomed by friends!
My favorite booth - Deluxe!
Boo and Marquise are Pro - congrats fellas!
Mikah and Alex handling business at the NHS booth.
P-Rod's Primitive Skateboarding is doing great things.
Good seeing Shep Dawg, Taylor Kirby. Check out the SPoT Life we recently did with him here.
Here’s a sneak peek at a new shoe from HUF for Spring 2015: White leather for those of you about that life, Camo Classic Lo for those who aren’t.
Cliché is working on a new video as well as new Pro, TJ Rogers with Blind
Dane Vaughn now rides for Supra.
I was hyped to drink a few of these guys.
God Bless Stu Graham and America for letting him back in the country.  Stoked to see you and have you ripping at our events, Stu.
Adidas Photo Genius, Tom Remillard, and Stu.
You can pick up some Uppercut at SPoT Ybor.
Auby Taylor trying to kick the hangover.
The weirdest booth award goes to...
Story time with this legend.
What does her shirt say?
Joey Brezinski, Ryan Decenzo and Bill Weiss lean in.
Rob Gonzalez leans in for a hello with Tosh Townend who can sell you a VW anywhere in the country and finance you too!
Outside of Long Beach Convention Center, Transworld and The Kayo Corp held a best trick contest over the picnic table called #cashonthetable.
Lil Shmatty got a few tricks over the table like this nollie inward heel and one of my favorite tricks, a nollie bigflip.
Manny was in the crowd.
Dane Vaughn, half cab flip.
I wonder if Markus and Uncle Sam know who they are sitting next to?
I think Jake Donnelly could have cleared two tables with this fs flip.
Colin Clark is everywhere and has all the angles.
Jordan Trahan almost landed this 360 flip.
Tiago Lemos, straight nollie flip over the table.
Congrats Tiago! I hope this cash helps extend your stay in Cali and some puts this dude fully on some companies.
Carlos and Tiago with a well-deserved win.
After the contest it was back inside to the Supra party.
Jereme Rogers and Bambi show up to the Supra photo show.
Good to see Florida homie Jeff Lenoce.
The boss with new pro Boo Johnson.
Straight off the Static IV video premiere tour, good friend Josh Stewart was in LBC for Agenda too. Make sure to check out Static IV if you haven’t already.
After the trade show, we headed to a release party for Lakai’s Echelon Collection. Swanski himself was there doing live art for the crowd.
A BS Moment with Lakai's President, Mike Carroll.
The Lakai X Swanski Shoe Release Party happened to be next to The Life Extension Video premiere which brings everyone out, including this unique photo of Chad Fernandez and Johnny Layton.
A paintbrush and Swanski behind it turns a bunch of black lines into a 2 hour masterpiece; look close...
Lakai Brand Manager, Kelly Bird hooked up Schaefer with a pair of the Echelon Cambys. These are for those VIPs, and came in a wooden box with white etching in it, as well as a signature by Swanski.
Girl in-house sales, Jamie Walsh, Swanski, Alex Bowers and Schaefer stop for a photo in front of the finished art piece.
Day 2 of the trade show, and Cliche was our first appointment. Their booth was by far one of the best at the show. The art is a creative from the classic graphics along the bottom. Taking imagery from each deck combined into one Last Supper image. It’s good to see a great homage piece to the days of when a skateboard graphic meant a bit more than just pumping out new decks constantly. The board will be out in Holiday, and comes in heat transfer and screen print for the collectors.
Cliche’s keeping the momentum going with racy graphics, with this one that will come packed in a black bag to keep the kids eyes off, and continual asking to the shop employees to see it.
Paul Kobriger from TWS and our East Coast ruler Reese Forbes take a moment to smile for ya. We need more Reese Forbes involved with skateboarding!
If you haven’t heard yet, it’s official. Habitat will continue, now under Tum Yeto Distribution. Good to see these guys found a good home, and continuing to be a part of the skateboard community.
Thanks Agenda 2014!
After the trade show, we headed to The Berrics for Adidas’s Skate Copa Finals. Our team placed 1st in the Atlanta stop of this contest series. Looking at the overall scores for finals qualifiers, SPoT team was in 1st - 3rd with only Taylor Kirby breaking up the squad.
Our team, Markus Jalaber, James Cobb, Uncle Sam Bellipanni & Jereme Knibbs, just before the contest started.
Right after the contest, Pusha T came out to shut down the event. Halfway through the set, Chris Brown joined him on stage for a song too. Thanks Adidas for an awesome contest.


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