SPoT All Ages Awards 2014 Photos Article at Skatepark of Tampa

SPoT All Ages Awards 2014 Photos

Posted on Monday, November 3, 2014 by Chris

Big Show - Christopher James
Skate Dad - Danny Boyd Sr.
Loyal Lurker - Kristoffer Clayton
Most Improved - Darius Norton
Little Big Man - Chuckie Wooder
Fan Club - Marcos Montoya
Follow me on Insta - Justin Zaragoza
Safety First - Danny Boyd Jr.
Skate Family - Hufnagel Family
Girl Power - Courtney Block
Best Attitude - Ross Caruso
Shop Support - Westside
Under Pressure - Wesley Box
All Growed Up - Alejandro Burnell
Crazy Legs - Jyrus Ferguson
Protect Ya Neck - Dylan Church
Coast to Coast - Zion Wright
Don't Call It A Comeback - Paul Zitzer

Photos by Aaron Austin.
Words by Chris Preston.
Welcome to our end of the year All Ages Awards here at SPoT. This is where we give credit where credit is due to the people that killed it all year and helped us with our All Ages Contests. We also give out awards to the skaters that did the best overall in the comps. Danny Boyd Jr. won in the 8 and under division.
Wesley Box killed it and got an award in the 9 to 12 division.
Mikey Sanchez took home the overall award in the 13-15 division. There were two more divisions to give out, but those guys left already. Mike Mavos got 16 and up and Zion Wright got the Sponsored division. Congrats to everyone on these!
Now it's time for the specialty awards. We give these out every year for dudes and girls that stood out and made a difference through the year. Some are serious, but most of them are pretty funny. Justin Zaragoza won the "Follow Me on Insta" award. If you follow him, you know why he got it.
We gave Kristoffer Clayton the "Loyal Lurker" award because that dude is ALWAYS here ripping. Seriously. He's probably here right now as I'm typing this and we're not even open yet.
If you don't know who Jitt Chris is, you will soon. Chris is a natural in front of the camera and behind a megaphone, so we had to give him the "Big Show" award. I predict he'll be our next SPoT Life personality in the near future.
Darius Norton got the "Most Improved" award and if you've seen him skate lately, you'll understand why. Killing it Darius!
SPoT team rider and our newest golden boy, Alejandro Burnell has been skating like a grown-ass man since he was a skinny little kid with braces. Now he's all growed up, so that's the award we gave him. Watch out for Alejandro during Tampa Am and next year's Am contests - he's a serious contender.
We had to get Wesley Box back up there for the "Under Pressure" award. Mainly because he's one of the few people you will see doing pressure flips during a run. ...and he does them WELL.
The good homie Dylan Church got our "Protect Ya Neck" award for obvious reasons.
Chuckie Wooder won the "Mean Mug" award last year. Chuckie is a SPoT staple and is another kid that skates like a grown-ass man. If you see him coming towards you on a board, move out of the way. We gave him the "Little Big Man" award this year.
Sean Malto ain't got nothing on Marcos Montoya... we gave him the "Fan Club" award. Marcos was skating when we passed out the trophies, so his parents came up and got his for him.
Courtney Block is always at the park and always trying something new, with a big smile on her face. She's also 100% down for SPoT. Thanks Courtney - you get the "Girl Power" award.
...and last but not least: The man, the myth - Paul Zitzer. Paul recently joined the SPoT team for the second time since he originally moved his vert ramp into the warehouse way back when we first opened. Now, years later, he's assisting us with events and a whole lot more. We gave Paul the "Don't Call it a Comeback" award. There were a lot of other trophies that were awarded, but the recipients left already before we could give them out. We'll get you your awards soon, and thanks for all you do.


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