Expedition One Weekend; Rob Welsh, Frankie Heck, Dylan Witkin - SPoT Life Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Expedition One Weekend; Rob Welsh, Frankie Heck, Dylan Witkin - SPoT Life

Posted on Saturday, November 8, 2014 by Paul

Is Ybor Evil? The Expedition Team Finds Out

Rob Welsh points to Ybor City as the reason he never won Tampa Pro. That might be true, but he’s only joking. He’s a funny dude like that. Rob still has a board out on Expedition so maybe there’s time for him to take one last crack at entering, and winning. But if this past weekend offers any indication as to how that might turn out, it’s probably only going to get worse. Rob spent most of his down time in Tampa letting Ybor get the better of him again. Just like old times. “It’s evil,” he says, so there you go.

Rob, or Wu Welsh as he’s more formally known, was playing the role of Expedition team captain with young rippers in tow for the Expedition Harvest Jam, where Zion Wright proved once again that he’s not going to let something as trivial as a broken femur slow him down. He won the Sponsored division by riding away from back threes over the pyramid and whatever other tricks he tried pretty much. Wu was majorly hyped, leading to the ethical dilemma of Expedition potentially stealing him from Organika, a fellow Kayo Corp company. If you could have heard any of Wu’s stories from the weekend you might come to the conclusion that he’s not overly concerned with ethics. I kid, I kid.

Either way, Wu’s young teammates would do well to follow in some other Expedition pro’s footsteps. Like Chany’s. Although Wu did have half a part in Fully Flared.

Frankie Heck did just fine in Ybor, spending more time on Tinder than at the bars. He sealed a deal or two on his short stay but failed to introduce any of us to his lady friends. Dylan Witkin says Frankie tells them he’s pro. He’s good enough to be I know that much.

Speaking of Dylan. He skated the beastliest of anyone that went out and hit the streets on Sunday, fast planting the giant rock at the Dali Museum, and slamming his brains out on more than one occasion. He’s like a west coast Donny Barley, all power.

The SPoT Crew went just as hard as always, with Jumping James Cobb attempting one of the biggest fs 180s of all time, while Eric and Knibbs and Alejandirt clocked trick after trick for SPoT Life. Best episode yet? You should watch it and let us know.

- Paul Zitzer
With our Harvest Jam comp in the books and the Expedition One dudes still in town, we had to take them on a skate trip. Here's Wu-Welsh enjoying a cup of coffee at the Bricks before we head to St. Pete for today's mission.
Caught Scotty "The Body" in front of his Shaqueefa window display at SPoT Ybor waiting for the rest of the crew to show up.
Now we're talking... Robby Kirkland arrives to rep the Kayo Corp and the Shaqueefa squad with the big dogs!
Frankie Heck settin' up a freshie.
The gang's all here! Let's cross the Bay n' skate St. Pete!
Made it to Lake Vista. Stetting up, warming up, all that good shit.
Jack Loktu Off That Wet with a boneless over the hip.
Paul Zitzer will front rock anything in sight. The dude's a machine.
Jereme Knibbs did this back noseblunt for me like 6 times. He slays while having fun non-stop.
Denis Frain with a textbook front smith - home turf advantage!
Heavy lineup right here, especially the off-road scooterist.
James Cobb smashin' the dub set with a kickflip.
Alejandro Burnell for kicks with the fastplant.
Frankie bs big spinning the set.
James Cobb on the bs flip.
James Cobb with the 180 over the rail. The press had a field day.
The platoon.
Frankie, Frank, and Brian thinking up the next power move.
Frankie front board with Frank to prove it! (When are there ever 2 Franks?!)
Dylan shut it down on this one, just watch...


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