Either You're With Us, Or Against Us

Posted on Tuesday, April 13, 2004 by John Paul

Either You're With Us, Or Against Us
By John Paul Grebe

On Saturday, March 27th, four kids from Ft. Lauderdale were caught sneaking into the second session. They walked in with no boards, but they happened to have them when I confronted them minutes later. None of these kids had receipts for the session, so they were asked to leave and not return during the rest of their stay in Tampa. As the local kids were escorting the Ft. Lauderdale kids off the property, they said something along the lines of, “The guys at SPoT aren’t very nice.” They’re right. We are not nice to people who try and steal from a skater-owned facility. We come to work and lurk here seven days a week for Tampa skaters and skaters across the country.

I would like to thank any locals or employees who helped me capture and remove these kids from the property. I would also like to thank every person from members to non-members for paying for your session that day and every day. Leave comments for the thieves. They are expecting it and deserve it.


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