Tampa Pro 2015: Converse Concrete Jam Photos Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Pro 2015: Converse Concrete Jam Photos

Posted on Sunday, March 22, 2015 by Chris

Words and photos by Marino Nicastro
Converse sponsored the Concrete Jam here at Tampa Pro. They had cash for tricks and Transworld had cash for top 5 tricks over the key hole door gap. It didn’t start till 9 but everyone was warming up all day. Thanks always to PBR for the booze.
Nick Wallace was warming up these Ollie Norths for hours before the jam. No wonder why he killed it and came up on some cash.
Jake "Poptart" Welch is known for destroying the concrete. This Nose Grind pull out was easy for him.
Chris Gregson - Kickflip the key hole.
Mikey Lovit with a tweeked out Grab.
Ollie to Fakie over the gap.
Eli Williams from Hazard County.
Greyson Fletcher killed this shit wearing swim trunks. No fear on this Nose Blunt on the big quarter.
Ishod might be saving his energy for the Semi Finals on Sunday but was still able to float a few airs before the contest started.
The course was filling up. Time to get this thing started!
Jake Ilardi with a huge Varial Flip over the key hole.
Jake’s got a Mctwist in his arsenal too.
Chris Gregson - Nose Grind pull in.
Tyler Coffman took home a lot of cash for this alley oop Fakie 5-0.
This is where the judges and announcers were hanging out. It was getting wild.
Brian and the crew handing out bucks for tricks.
Alex Sorgente.
Greyson with a fat FS Air to Smith bash.
Ben Raybourn didn’t need to do much to please the crowd and judges. he dropped in three times and got this Invert over the Keyhole for 3rd place.
Brian Schaefer shutting down the session with an Eggplant.
Paul Zitzer handing out cash for the top 5 tricks over the door gap, thanks to Converse.
Greyson got some awards for being one of the gnarliest rippers out there.
In the end, Poptart came out on top with a 50-50 bash on the gutter on the keyhole.
Ended the night with a nice product toss, Patman and Robin playing in the background and a Misfits Cover Band: The Misprints. Check out photos from that here. Thanks to all our sponsors for making this happen.


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