SPoT Life: Tampa Pro 2015 Sunday Semis & Finals Article at Skatepark of Tampa

SPoT Life: Tampa Pro 2015 Sunday Semis & Finals

Posted on Monday, March 23, 2015 by Chris

Words and photos by Bart Jones.
Video by Frank Branca and Rob Hoovis.
Sorry kids, Tampa Pro finals are sold out today, and don’t think your bush league counterfeit wrist bands are going to get you in, but good work on trying. My favorite is the one made of duct tape and logos drawn on with a sharpie.
Sure enough once again, The Lutzka is one of the first dudes at the park, dialing in his B/S Flips before the Semis.
Louie Lopez didn’t quite make the finals, but no doubt he was rip roaring around in the Semis.
Ahhh the annual Moat Race. Only two rules: One, there are no rules, two have fun out there!
Boo Johnson’s first big Pro contest and he found himself in the finals; yea Boo!
Ishod Wair is an ATV Warrior, Front Blunt the six-footer.
There were a lot of repeating offenders on the main centerpiece, but Youness Amrani was the only one to skate away with the Switch Lipslide Top-N-Down.
After Ishod rifled off a plethora of moves down the rail he start working his way back up with a Frontboard.
There’s nothing wrong with playing your run safe, but Felipe Gustavo gets risky with a Switch Back Tail up the Hubba.
Top Ten local, Chaz Ortiz Gaps To Back Lip.
Trevor Colden works the sidelines with a Backside Overcrook.
While most of the spectators came to see the skating, this young lady apparently wanted a piece of Lil Weezy.
Well she’s in luck, cause he was there! And the crew..and the crew!!
Kelvin Hoefler maneuvers a Frontside Bluntslide over the rainbow box.
Nyjah warms it up with a Kickflip Back Lip.
These kids wanted to make it to the finals, but they just had too much ridin’ this game.
I don’t know what’s cooler: Nyjah’s Frontside Crooked Grind Pop-Over, or the kid's Chupacabra mask in the background.
Where many roll in, Luan Oliveira Switch Tres. Our new, 2-time Tampa Pro winner!
After the final run of the Finals, everyone crowded around for the awards ceremony.
Felipe lightens the luggage load for the ride home and stokes a lucky kid out with a new complete. Win, Win.
Boo says.. “Good idea" and follows his lead. Thanks for coming out and killing it in your first Tampa Pro, Boo.
Kelvin Hoefler makes Brazil proud coming in at 3rd place and also qualifying himself for Street League, joined by Felipe Gustavo.
Last years Tampa Pro winner, Nyjah finds himself in a Brazilian sandwich coming in 2nd place. Congrats man, you were amazing to watch.
And ladies and gentleman, your Tampa Pro 2015 winner.. Luan Oliveira!! Congrats Luan!!
Just when we thought it was a wrap and all over king of the SPoT Castle Brian Schaefer goes crowd surfing and gets Soooooo Pitted!!!! Thanks for coming out everyone see ya next year!
Victory shower!

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