Back to School Bash 2015 presented by etnies Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Back to School Bash 2015 presented by etnies

Posted on Tuesday, August 11, 2015 by Chris

Video by Gio Fournier
Words and photos by Marino Nicastro
The calm before the storm on this beautiful Saturday morning as we all got prepped for the Back to School Bash presented by etnies.
Inside, Mikah was tackling registration and the kids were hyped to skate!
Chris Reitz getting his tricks in before he starts judging people all day. BS Smith.
Terrance Rice and his dad there for support. Great outfits by the way!
Noah Nagaro Mute Bonless. He took home 1st in the 8 & Under. When he’s in the 16 & Up division, he’ll be blasting these over coping.
Sully Cormier - Bean Plant.
Angel Gonzalez - Hardflip.
Darius Norton - Tre Flip down the set like a grown man!
Steven Szumal - Bean Plant to Disaster.
The crowd was getting wild. Smack your board!
Adam Tyler - Barley Grind for 1st Place 13-15 Division.
Outside we had a few tents up in the courtyard. Boards for Bros was out there setting up boards for less fortunate.
Upon further investigation, David Reyes was in there.
David Reyes and Matt Berger came out for etnies and the contest. These two dudes killed and were extremely helpful. Thanks for coming out!
Josh Knight - Expert Meat Handler. Free BBQ for the rippers to keep them skating all day!
I was walking around the park between breaks and it seems like someone got contest nerves and threw up. Nothing SPoT Maintenance cant handle.
Pat Daly on the job.
Back inside the park, the judges finished their judging and now it was time to get the results.
8 & Under Awards. Results here.
9-12 Awards. Results here.
13-15 Awards. Results here.
Small toss of products to the young and hungry.
Matt Berger 5-0. He held this 5-0 like it was his new born baby, popping out when he wanted to.
Sterling Gainer - Heelflip.
Chuckie Wooder BS Smith. GloSkaters.
Chris Scott has a real good Pop Shuv. Broke his board in practice doing one but went a bought a new one in the shop so he could land it here.
That's no guy, that's Meagan Guy. Lipslide. She gets better every contest.
Meagan had a huge cheering section as well.
Ross Caruso - Tre Flip to Fakie on the Kahuna.
Wesley Box - Smith through to corner.
Eric Brown - FS Feeble down the Handrail.
Markus Jalaber - Fakie Ollie Switch Krooked Grind.
Marse Farmer - Kickflip BS Lip for the Sponsored finals.
Nick Wallace - BS Air to Disaster. Chris Russel mini.
Miles Mckinney - Gap FS Boardslide.
Marcos Montoya FS Hurricane!
Jake Ilardi - massive Gap FS Lipslide. With tricks like this, it's no wonder he came in 1st.
16 & Up Awards. Results here.
Sponsored Finals Awards. Thanks to etnies, David Reyes, Matt Berger and everyone who came out to skate or watch the contest; we couldn’t have done it without you. Sponsored results here.


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