SPoT Krux Kickflip Challenge 2004 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

SPoT Krux Kickflip Challenge 2004

Posted on Saturday, July 31, 2004 by Rob

SPoT Krux Kickflip Challenge
Words, photos, and captions by Rob Meronek

After we signed up the nearly 50 kids who entered the contest, we weren't sure if it would last an hour or five hours or what. Turns out that a lot of people got the boot on the first flip. The first rounds were run basically like a giant game of S.K.A.T.E. but there was only one letter and one trick - a kickflip. Every person went in order to do their one kickflip and if you bailed or sketched, you're peaced out. Once the list got down to the last six people, each round through the list meant each person had to do one more kickflip in a row. So the first round was one kickflip each, the second round was two each, etc. The rounds got upto 11 kickflips before Kevin Sullivan bailed his 11th kickflip resulting in Jason Durbin winning it.

If you're some dumb skate jock who doesn't know how to have fun with your skateboard by participating in stuff like this or you're too cool for it, that's too bad. Find a doctor to remove the big stick in your ass and you'll have more good times like we did today. If there's anything you should never take too serious, that would be skateboarding itself. Thanks to everyone who came to the Park. No thanks to Kid Will who broke the lights hanging from the top of the Park and almost killed Kevin Sullivan when he threw a wheel too high in the product toss - ha. A few miscellaneous photos from today are below. Click here to see all the kickflip photos and vote on your favorite.


Thanks to Sony for hooking up some damn good tunes during the contest
Jason Durbin is the kickflip champ
Product toss madness
The signups
Kid Will from DC threw a wheel a little too high in the product toss and busted out two lights that came crashing down on to the top of the pyramid. One of the lights snapped across Kevin Sullivan's head on the way down.


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