SPoT Life: NYC with TOA 2015 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

SPoT Life: NYC with TOA 2015

Posted on Friday, October 9, 2015 by Chris

Video: Frank Branca, Daniel Frank
Photos: Matt Price
Our first stop in NYC was the Theories Of Atlantis headquarters and as luck would have it, they have quite a lovely view. The crew breathes in the city while discussing the weekend ahead.
Then a sneak peek at where the magic happens!
We went through some old Static archives with Josh in search of the illusive "Street Zitzer" footage.
Schaefer caught up on some business in front of some exposed brick. Classic New York.
Finally we got to meet the boss. Turns out the guy who runs this shit is a pretty solid dude!
A quick group portrait and we were on our way. Looking good boys!
As is tradition in the city, we went straight to pushing in search of some serious shred.
First spot we landed at Eric hopped over a long chasm as part of a nice little line.
He followed the long ollie with a tall back tail. Neither one of them even phased him.
Then things got a bit experimental...
And even more experimental. This rolling bike tire hippy hop was awesome! Uncle Sam Bellipanni.
Alejandro warmed up the next spot with a gap to tailslide.
Then Zitzer called someone out to do something gnarly, or at least it looks like that's what happened.
Dustin answered the call by flying so fast at this gap to back lip his hat disappeared!
Then this guy showed up to knob the ledge with his ass. If you can't beat em, join em. We now had a seating area for the growing crew.
Then out of nowhere, local hero and resident ripper, Kempsey came in real hot with the frontside shuv-it to tail slide. It was bonkers!
Traffic skateboards' own Kevin Coakley showed up and took us up the street to a bar hop. It was ollied with ease.
Not to be out done, Kempsey followed suit with a switch ollie.
The cake taker at this spot, however was Isle's John Baragwanath's ollie backside 180. Wowza!
After the bar, we headed to a classic Brooklyn haunt at the BQE and look who we found. Strubing!!!
Right away he was doing the kind of shit he does best. FS ollie to pivot like no one else!
Then with no warning came STREET ZITZER!!! Paul wall crawling walls better than Peter Parker himself on this frontside wall ride.
Jared Huss showed up out of nowhere to do a sick foot plant!
This is what fisheyes were meant for. Dustin switch pivots to fakie, while I get entirely too close.
Little Wes is from Florida, so I'm gonna call this a Florida plant.
Alejandro ends the day by finding some urban gold and doing his best Bobby Puleo impression. This city is a good time! Thanks to the TOA dudes for ripping and for the hospitality. Maybe there will be a SPoT x TOA collab coming in the near future........spoiler alert?


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