éS Footwear Releases Two New Innovative Models for Spring 2005 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

éS Footwear Releases Two New Innovative Models for Spring 2005

Posted on Friday, August 27, 2004 by News

éS Footwear Releases Two New Innovative Models for Spring 2005: the Radle and the Accelerate
Lake Forest, CA - After extensive Sole Technology Institute (STI) skate research and development in the lab and on the streets, éS Footwear will be releasing two new shoes in Spring 2005 to raise the bar of skate shoe innovation. The Accelerate is the first shoe ever to feature our new System G2 Full Impact(tm) gel system and the Radle debuts our System G202(tm) and System Fl02(tm).

Not all shoe companies have the luxury of owning a state-of-the-art, 10,000 square foot biomechanics testing facility dedicated solely to understanding the forces and impact of skateboarding on the body. Through sheer dedication (not to mention a bunch of mad scientists digesting endless data day and night at the labs), STI has developed System G2 Full Impact(tm), System G202(tm) and System Flo2(tm) to help protect the body from the heavy impacts of everyday skateboarding.

Check out some of the latest technology offerings:

* System G2 Full Impact(tm) is the first full-length midsole gel insert. This absorbent gel compound minimizes the force of impact in the heel and ball of the foot, reducing injuries and providing the ultimate protection and comfort.

* System G202(tm) is a dual-stage cushioning system combining an air bag with our proven System G2(tm) gel. While the air bag is good for normal everyday use, it won't provide proper protection during large impacts. When the air bag bottoms out, System G2(tm) absorbs the rest of the impact to protect the heels.

* After extensive testing, STI has also developed the perfect combination of mesh and foam to create System Flo2(tm), a high airflow breathable tongue design that allows air to flow much more easily into the shoe to keep feet a lot cooler.

The Accelerate is a clean, simple looking shoe on the outside, yet technically advanced on the inside. It features the System G2 Full Impact(tm) full-length midsole gel insert and will be available in four different colorways: black/white, black/tan/white, white/red and black/blue with a clear blue gum sole.

With a more athletic look and feel, the Radle features the System G202(tm) dual-stage cushioning system, and System FL02(tm) high airflow breathable tongue. The Radle will be available in three different colorways: black/charcoal, white/dark grey and white/grey.

éS effortlessly combines style with innovation and is fully committed to making the best skate shoes to minimize the risk of injury and lengthen the time to skate.


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