Back To School Bash All Ages Contest August 2004 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Back To School Bash All Ages Contest August 2004

Posted on Saturday, August 28, 2004 by Rob

Back To School Bash All Ages Contest August 2004
Photos and Captions by Rob Meronek
Click here for results.
13 to 15 Division winners Justin Myers (1st Place, center) and Chris Burnett (2nd Place, right)
A full posse of 16 and Up winners
Sponsored Division winners Ben Gore (1st Place, center) and Kass Plummer (3rd Place, left)
12 and Under winner Zach Paolucci
Ryne Hesslin is doing a Willy grind. From my understanding, this is called a Willy grind because Willy Santos made it up
Scotty Conley 50-50's across and down the flat bar and small rail
We've already used all the Ricky Martin jokes on Ricky Martin here. This is a frontside flip over the pyramid
Ricky Martin frontside nosegrinds the hubba down below
Mike Goodwine regulates the board toss fight
Piro Sierra nollie flips over the pyramid hip
Jereme Knibbs feeble grinds the flat bar on the pyramid
Matt Giles kickflips from the wedge in the lower left on to the deck
Matt Huston melon grabs over the pyramid old guy style like me
John Paul Grebe ollies the pyramid on his way to third in 16 and Up
It sucks when you catch a shirt in the product toss and it's not your size
Ian Gow on a backside hurricane
Ian Gow - large flip over the pyramid
Evan Smith switch feeble grinds the small rail
Evan Smith shows off his beaming skills on purpose as opposed to many other kids who do it all the time for self gratification
This is Evan Smith on a backside nosegrind, the kid I met at Woodward
When they finally put Dark Jay in a straight jacket, he'll still be able to smith grind the flat bar as seen here
Don't you wish those chicks were fighting over you like that?
Those two chicks on the right are like "what.....ever, just hand me some gear"
The trick to getting a board out of the product toss is definitely the straight upward jump - too bad everyone else knows that, too
John Accard - boardslide on the small rail
Kyle Stopa - boardslide on the small rail
Diving for a board - most people probably don't even make that face when taking a poop
I'll just call this trick Ben Gore is doing a kickflip grab - not that one flip trick combined with that one word that starts with "i" that you should only do on vert
Shawn Hollman - boardslide on the small rail
Ben Gore frontside nosegrinds the flat bar on the pyramid
I'm so old I used to run up to a set of stairs, caveman jump, and throw early grab methods like Jeff Kendall and BC here over the pyramid


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