Posted on Tuesday, September 7, 2004 by News

This NOVEMBER 6th we’ll be having the eighth annual Texas Skate Jam benefiting The Make-A-Wish Foundation! Time flies doesn’t it?

Please inform as many people as you can…..”SPREAD THE WORD MAN!” Once again, it will be held at South Side Indoor Skatepark in South Houston. Thomas Mixon has given it to us for free for 2 days (Friday to let the guys get used to the park and Saturday for the event). That’s a lot of revenue to give up for a skatepark.

South Side is located by HOBBY AIRPORT (HOU is the airport code)!! Not Bush (IAH). Please arrange to have your skaters fly in at HOBBY and the transportation can be FREE from the airport to the some of the hotels near by. Or just drive out here!

I’ll have www.skateboarder.com updated by Sept. 15th for hotel and schedule info. (hopefully) Sponsors? Well, Adio Footwear, 411VM, HURLEY and Spitfire are already on board if you interested my contact info is below…call me ASAP because I’ll be handing out fliers to the event at the ASR show and putting them in skate shops orders throughout the US…plus an ad will hit really soon…but it’s too late for that.

In the previous 7 years of the event, we have raised over $140,000 with the help of only the skateboarding industry. No “corporate” sponsorships, like soft drinks, Office Depot or other wise. All that from skate based sponsorship money & ticket sales! Majority of the money raised has been from the ticket sales over the years, almost $90,000 alone. Adio & Hurley have donated large sums of CASH and sent a team; their money is part of remaining cash from the $140,000, along with a few others from earlier years. There has been money raised by auctions at the event as well.

The key to success has been the skaters and their sponsors. If it wasn’t for the skaters coming out and performing for the kids there wouldn’t be any money to donate.

All money raised has gone to Make-A-Wish every year (100%). South Shore & Thomas Mixon (South Side owner) have picked up the tab for the majority expenses over the years except for a few promotion things at the event. Spitfire has paid for a mechanical-bull and dunking booths over the years. Tony Hawk Shoes/Activision paid for a TV & Playstation 2 to be given out from a contest on THUG last year. But, that’s not where the giving stops.

Skateboard industry sponsors such as yourself (if you are one) have paid a big chunk of the expense in this endeavor! Their/your share in this is by sending product (stickers, decks etc.) and/or by getting the skaters here!!! Many thanks go out to everyone and I’m here begging again.

Send a few of your guys (or a team-van) to skate the event, PLEASE. This is a single day event this year.

The event is going to be for only one day this year and the price of the ticket is going up to $25. This is so that a bigger venue isn’t needed. Plus it will make it more interesting to the public (benefiting for team managers & sponsors too). A bigger venue would cost money that otherwise goes to Make-A-Wish. So, instead of spreading it over two days like in the past we raised the price, increased the amount of tickets sold (only 100 more) and the length of the event from 10am to 8pm (stuff going on all day).

If we sold all the tickets that would put us at $18,500 and all that money (which is roughly the same) goes to Make-A-Wish of course. Please send skaters (bigger the name the better) and some product. If you have any questions please reply or call me!!!

More details about the schedule and where to stay will be coming soon to your EMAIL!!....plus check www.skateboarder.com in a couple of weeks for more updates!

Damian Hebert, Pres.
South Shore Distributing, LLC
email: dhebert@skatenet.com

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