Team Update From Legacy Skateboards

Posted on Wednesday, September 15, 2004 by News

Legacy Skateboards Press Release
Legacy Skateboards and Matt Mumford are proud to announce the inception of Pat Duffy and Justin Strubing to the Legacy Family. The names Mumford, Duffy and Strubing are tantamount with well rounded skating.

Inspired by bold iconic graphics, and formed by a squad who have sculpted the shape of the company, Mumford, Duffy, and Strubing are onboard to solidify the base of the Legacy team.

“The three of us are all well rounded skaters,” says Mumford, “and that’s what Legacy is all about, solid skating.” With our pro team at the foundation accompanied by our amateur team, Legacy is looking forward to progress along with skateboarding.

Keep a heads up for our first video, and check out for details.

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