School's Out Jam 2016 Coverage Article at Skatepark of Tampa

School's Out Jam 2016 Coverage

Posted on Thursday, June 9, 2016 by Chris

Volcom has been all up in our biz lately, from Damn Am Costa Mesa this weekend, the Holy Stokes premiere / EOTM party last week and School's Out Jam contest the next day. It was hotter than hell, but these kids plowed through with ease. Big thanks to Volcom and you for coming out. Hope to see everyone in Cali tomorrow.
Video: Frank Branca
Photos: Aaron Austin
We hope you and your mates made it out to the School's Out Jam sponsored by Volcom this past Saturday. Most schools haven't had their last day yet, but you can still celebrate early with a copy of the radical new Volcom video, "Holy Stokes."
Nash Barfield slid his way into first place in the 8-and-under division with moves like this boardslide across the bank to bank.
Nash had his dog "Rasta" to keep him company between runs.
TJ Rice was flying at the quarter and really launching these frontside airs over the hip. From the looks of this body positioning, I can foresee TJ developing a mean Japan air a la Tony Cox or Tommy Guerrero.
Daniel Bonelli hopped down the stairs on this boneless.
Angel Gonzalez has a very good frontside crooked grind. Actually, Angel has a very good everything.
Noah Pollard has some killer flip tricks in his bag. This is Noah on a heelflip down the stairs.
Have I mentioned the heat yet? Yeah, it was super hot. This kid hung out with the judges all day eating popsicles. At least 10 of them. Wrapper and all by the looks of it.
Jonah Clark has a cool grip job. Anything Simpsons is cool in my book. Jonah's feeble grind pushed him into 2nd place in the 9 to 12 division.
Ayden Giguere was stoked that Volcom sponsored this contest. Either that or he was yelling at me to get out of his way so he could skate his jam...
And so began the 13 to 15 division. Luis Cabrera had this stylish 50/50 down the hubba.
According to Jimmy Miceli, kids are so huge these days because they eat so much McDonalds. That horrifies me. McDonalds is my greatest fear. I'm shuddering right now.
Jake Yanko was on a serious roll during his jam. He must have banged out 20 solid tricks in just 3 minutes. Jake skated with speed and made moves like this smith grind that helped him into first place in the 13 to 15 division.
Pause for awards. 8 and under top five from left to right: Jett Lambert, 4th; Terrance Rice, 3rd; Nash Barfield, 1st, Tyler Loftus, 2nd; Elijah Wolcott, 5th.
9 to 12 top five from left to right: Logan Radd, 5th; Dane Dowding, 3rd; Angel Gonzalez, 1st; Jonah Clark, 2nd; Alex Loftus, 4th.
13 to 15 top five from left to right: Jimmy Miceli, 5th; Dylan Germano, 3rd; Jake Yanko, 1st; Robby Martini, 2nd; Austin Butler, 4th.
We set up a Boards for Bros tent in the courtyard and with your help, put together 102 complete skateboards to give out to kids in our community who without our help, may never have had the opportunity to experience the simple joy of skating down the street. Thank you to all those who volunteered to help with this task!
This is only a portion of the 102 complete skateboards we put together on Saturday for Boards for Bros.
You may have recently seen a video of a young skateboarder slammed to the ground by a Tampa Police officer. I think it went viral. Well, here he is. Jason Huber may have been taken down hard by that cop, but he managed to skate in the contest on Saturday. Here he is showing off the air cast he wound up in from his tangle with the fuzz.
Taylor Fetuga had a smooth tailslide down the rail in his jam. Taylor ended the day in 5th place in the 16 and up division.
Moms, you are so awesome. And kids, if you haven't thanked your mom in the last 10 minutes for something, anything, I urge you to go do it. They really make this world a better place to live in.
New SPoT employee Marse Farmer got the Sponsored division warmed up with moves like this frontside bluntslide down the gap to rail. I watched him do this so many times, and so easily. He even shuved out! I have one question--why isn't Marse hooked up? Nice kid. Check. Super talented on a skateboard. Check. Sponsors... what are you waiting for?
I like this trick. 180 nosegrind back to regular. Adam Tyler does them quite nicely.
We interrupt the sponsored division with a Chihuahua named Dobby. This little girl belongs to Courtney Block, one of the only girls who regularly skates in our contests. You rock, Courtney.
Jordi Zapata rips. Like really rips. He's got good style, too. Here's a proper 360 flip from Jordi on his way into the sponsored division finals.
Did I mention Jordi seriously rips? Yeah, for real. Nosegrind across and down the rail. Jordi took 2nd in sponsored.
Nick Wallace slid these noseblunt slides on the quarter for days! Speed!
Yes, pay attention to the form, kids. Nick Wallace was flying through the corner, too.
Many thanks go out to Jim Wallace, Nick's dad, for all the hard work he put in on the concrete course in the courtyard. Jim helped with many aspects of the construction and surveying. We gave him an award "Just for Showing Up."
Another recipient of the "Just for Showing Up Award" went to Landon Swan's mom.
We're really glad Andy Butler is making a quick recovery. Andy was hit by a car while riding a bicycle. We hope you bounce back in no time, Andy. Thanks for showing up to support your son Austin and SPoT.
Sly Sullivan's family showed up to cheer him on during the contest. Thanks for sweating it out up there in the bleachers! We love to see such support from the families out there.
16 and up top five from left to right: Taylor Fetuga, 5th; Zack Nead, 3rd; Kyle Guthrie, 1st; Tyler Wolford, 2nd; Steven Szumal, 4th.
Sponsored top five from left to right: Landon Swan, 5th; Jordi Zapata, 2nd; Nick Wallace, 1st; AJ Dall, 3rd; Christian Henry-Brisset, 4th.


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