It’s 2001 and I’m Still Breakin’

Posted on Friday, December 7, 2001 by Barak

It’s 2001 and I’m still breakin’
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i has 2 pairs of independent trucks and i keep breaking the king pin(I broke 3 out of 4)from these pairs.(1) My trucks arnt lose or tight so i don,t now why there breaking? (2)is there any king pins that you sugjest i should get? (3) can grind king king pins fit on independent trucks?



The kingpin struggle is a pain in the ass, no doubt about it. Kingpins go through a tremendous amount of impact with the way we skate today. We are always trying to go bigger, higher, and even bigger again.

I don't know if kingpins slowly break, crack, or if it's just one sudden maneuver that does it. One thing I know is that you NEVER know when it's gonna' go. I've seen bolts break on the smallest tricks on flat ground. This could mean it's all about the angle of the impact or simply its continued abuse. Will we ever know? The strongest kingpins available can be found at the SPoT. If you want to become rich, invent an unbreakable kingpin. I'd buy them.

Oh yeah, I would definitely NOT recommend using Grind King kingpins in any trucks other than GK's, they won't even fit.

Keep on truckin',