DC Shoes Back To School Bash 2016 Coverage Article at Skatepark of Tampa

DC Shoes Back To School Bash 2016 Coverage

Posted on Wednesday, August 10, 2016 by Chris

The kids are headed back to school, but not before we get one more All Ages Contest in the books. The Back To School Bash went all-out, with some of the gnarliest skating we've seen yet at one of these events. See for yourself.

Video: Frank Branca
Photos: Marino Nicastro
Last Saturday we hosted our Back to School Bash All Ages Contest Presented by DC. It was one of those gloomy summer days here in Tampa, but that never stops us from putting on a great contest.
We had contest registration at the front door just in case you forgot. Aaron Morgan, Chris Reitz and Eric McKenney were there to help with anything you needed, except your Friday night hangover.
Danny Boyd Jr. is one of those kids who you know is gonna make the top 5. His entire family from Florida came out to support him and watch him kill it.
We start off with the 8 & Under division first thing in the morning. It is always so packed with proud moms and dads, we love all the cheering.
Jett Lambert is only 6 years old, but has style twice his age. FS Early Grab over the hip.
Nash Barfield came through with tricks all over the park, including this FS Nosepick Pull In.
Noah Nagaro was in the 9-12 Age group and still did a BS Boardslide down the handrail!
Angel Gonzalez knows what it takes to win this contest. FS Ollie with some style.
Braden Stelma was skating in the sponsored division so he had all day to warm up. To keep things casual, he skated the concrete course outside. BS Air for fun.
Jake Yanko was skating in the next couple heats but came outside for a photo! This FS Smith over the keyhole was for fun.
Riley Patterson knows that for a good Feeble you need that certain stance. He executes it perfectly over the Keyhole.
Back inside, the 13-15 Division was wrapping up. Jovani Calo came through from Georgia to Switch Heelflip down our stairs.
Aaronn Depaulis has gotta teach us the secret to his BS Smith.
Jake Yanko wrapped up the 13-15 Age group by taking first. He’s got control of his board like you wouldn’t believe. 50-50 the whole thing, spreading those trucks.
These are your next up and comers. The 8 & Under Division winners. Results here
The 9-12 age Division, Top 5. Results here
13-15 age group Division, Top 5. Full results
The proudest mom at the skatepark: Mrs. Barfield and Nash after getting 1st place.
Outside, we were cooking up some burgers and hot dogs for everyone skating the contest. That's Connor Woods' dad "Woody" on the grill. He holds it down for Boards For Bros and was taking small donations for food if you weren't skating the contest.
Speaking of Boards For Bros...We always have our tent up at the contests. Timothy Solomon came through correct and donated two used decks to the funds.
We can’t forget about our lovely moms who keep this place looking and smelling better. Alejandro’s Mom Pilar and Landon Swann’s Mom Kim making things nicer at the skatepark while they wait for their sons to skate.
Adam Tyler kicking off the 16 & Up Age group. He had the FS Feebles over the rainbow rail all day throughout practice.
Jason Huber of the Crusty Mayo Crew: you might remember him from that Police video in Downtown Tampa, but I think he should be remembered for these Texas Plants and his skating instead.
Austin Butler keeps it old school, FS Bonless Disaster. Best hair award goes to...
Benny Landy-Pavlon has a good style. The style and this Bennett Grind really emulate Rowan Zorilla.
Jackson Parrish might have landed the Hardflip in pants but by the end of the contest he was wearing swim shorts. That Florida heat man.
Richard Hatten has got some skills on a skateboard. He was landing tricks down this thing all day. BS Lip in his run to solidify his win.
Kris Clayton pinching that BS Smith.
Landon Swan is always pretty consistent. I saw him land this Noseblunt on every rail in sight.
Wesley Box back in the park and cruising like usual. FS Air.
Anthony Pitti definitely gets the award for “Shane O’Neill look-a-like” but he can back it up with tricks. This Laser Flip was first try in his run.
What you will hear from anyone about James Cobb, it’s that he can pop and flick higher and further than most. James almost landed this Kickflip Transfer in his run but instead landed it after for some cash!
Brian Schaefer paying up whats due. I think James is glad he waited to land it.
Chuckie Woodard never stops pushing, literally and physically. Going faster than ever for this FS Air.
Alejandro Burnell did what he does best and landed everything in his run with power in his final run. No BS on this Handplant on Coping.
Marse is one of our newest employees at SPoT and puts on for his new city, Tampa! FS Noseblunt across the whole rail. This could be the best single trick done over it.
Braden has a trick tip on Ride Channel for 540’s, so its no surprise this 360 or 450 (whatever you want to call it) was landed every try. I also suggest you check out that trick tip.
Marse Farmer made it to the Sponsored Finals with two other skaters and landed more tricks in 5 minutes than half of us could do in 30 minutes. Gap to FS Feeble to secure his spot in 1st.
In skateboarding we don’t judge you by any discrimination, but if you join in our contests, these guys over here decide your fate.
After the contest, we gave out a few Thanks For Showing Up Awards. The Crusty Mayo Crew was the first ones called up. They make the contests fun, help out when needed and rip on a skateboard. Plus I think they’re letting Brian in the crew.
We couldn’t forget about the people who matter and show up for support. This is Mr. and Mrs. Burnell, Alejandro’s Grandparents. We thank you so much for showing up and repping those awesome SPoT shirts.
The 16 & Up Division Top 5. Fun Fact; Richard Hatten and Chris Hatten were your 1st and 2nd place winners. Brothers Unite! Full results
The Sponsored Division Top 5. Banana awards to keep your mind healthy for going back to school. Congrats Marse on 1st. Full results
Before the mayhem was over, Cole Jordan got his last ride at The Skatepark of Tampa. He’s leaving his job to move with his parents to Southern Florida and go to school in Pensacola. We’ll miss you Cole, thanks for all your help.
Product Toss! Thank you to our sponsor DC and everyone who showed up to help make this a successful contest. See you at the next one!


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