Yep... Article at Skatepark of Tampa


Posted on Wednesday, November 17, 2004 by MikeD

Words and Photos by Mike Derewenko

Verbiage: a profusion of words usually of little or obscure content.

I'll try my best to tell a story through photo captions, and no I didn't vote.

All right, first up is Satellite Hurricane Relief Park. Was the gate locked...yep. Did we skate anyways? Yep. Thanks to everyone's favorite local graffiti artist for the red background, chump.

Out of the gates Lehman, Lehman, and Lehman the law firm. Lawless grabs all over the place on the tight tranny. Let's see I think I see...ummm...maybe nose grab tail smacker. Ummm...the step off thing and then heaves himself back onto the damn board. And when everything turned black he also backside noseblunt stall...grab back in.

Clem Dog and I reshot the infamous backside disaster, only in color this time...Clements you can do backside disasters? Ian Gow - pronounced "go" - kickflipped to fakie as well.

Punch buggy, you're serious? These guys are killing me with the punch buggy shite. Scotty and Tommy, I think Tommy got this one on Scotty, white convertible yuppy rover.

The law firm of Lehman, Lehman and Lehman were killing it as usual. Some grabber air when the light was black, and then the color came back and he did it again. Deal with both.

Mike Peterson decided to grace us with his presence, along with rubbing it in our face that he's got a Cadillac and we don't. Mike can you do this gap thing? "Backside or frontside?" he asks. Bitch...a Cadillac and airs.

Is that the back of a trailer? Yep. Are they going to skate it? Yep. Is Danny Way coming? Nope. I'll tell you what though, this dude...this dude right here. Front board...did he do it? Yep.

Peace. MikeD


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