Harvest Jam 2004 All Ages Contest Photos Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Harvest Jam 2004 All Ages Contest Photos

Posted on Saturday, November 20, 2004 by Rob

2nd Annual SPoT Harvest Jam
Words and Photos by Rob Meronek

How would you like to be this intimate with Large Lurker?
Evan Smith won Sponsored
Alex Bowers won 16 and Up
The top three in 13 to 15: Josh Miller, Justin Myers, and Alex Olen
The top three in 9 to 12: Kenny Lizewski, Alex Perez, and Scotty Snider
Wade Collins got the Most Improved Skater Award
The top three in 8 and Under: Clint Beswick, Lukias Cook, and Peter Runge
Yet another non-Asian throwing a kung fu kick, Travis Jones - heel flip over the pyramid hip
Ryne Hesslin - wallie off the new a-frame thing
The Sullivans got the Parents of the Year Award
TJ Sparks - backside flip over the pyramid hip
Robbie Morrison - kickflip front board with his usual tounge out steez
Parents Gone Wild - they're battiling it out over a deck in the product toss...I thought I was the only one who acts 20 years less than their age
Pat Stiener has a little bit of pop - nollie half cab over the hip
Nick Marcisin got the worst injury award for the damage to his liver, I mean back
Josh King - nice to see someone under 1,000 years old doing a melon grab
Chris Lehman - huge alley oop backside grab over the hip
Andre McKenzie - front board down the step-up rail
Matt Giles - frontside tucker over the pyramid hip
SPoT Mullet Mania
Kevin Sullivan is just as amazed as I am at the mullitude on that femullet
Devon Lynch - gap crook on the new a-frame thing
Devon Lynch - gap lip on the new a-frame thing
When we were talking about starting up the new 8 and Under Division, I was like, "how are we going to judge a bunch of kickturns?" Turns out, kids that are that young can kickflip up the step up and ollie the pyramid with no deck check like Clint Beswick here
Cody Moore - pop shuv tail grab over the pyramid hip
Diving for wood...
Kass Plummer - 360 flip over the pyramid


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