Harvest Jam 2016 Contest Coverage Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Harvest Jam 2016 Contest Coverage

Posted on Thursday, October 13, 2016 by Chris

Our last All Ages Contest of the year before Tampa Am and it was a good one, with rippers young and old from all over coming to skate the new 2016 Pro Course. It was also our Annual All Ages Awards Ceremony, where we recognize those who made a difference this year, whether it was for volunteering around the park, or just having good style.

In addition to the contest, we also held a Boards For Bros fundraiser out in the courtyard with vendors selling all kinds of stuff to help raise money for our charity.

Video: Frank Branca
Photos: Aaron Austin
On Saturday we held our annual Harvest Jam contest and Boards for Bros fundraiser in honor of Matt Woods. Matt was a hugely influential, positive person who worked for the Skatepark of Tampa while a student at USF. Tragically, he passed away far too early, but his spirit lives on in all of us when we engage in an act of selfless kindness, the kind that Matt was keen on doling out each day because it was simply in his nature to do so. Thank you for being such an amazing person Matt. We all miss you.
A huge thank you goes out to all of you who helped assemble skateboards for the Boards for Bros build. We sincerely appreciate all of the monetary donations as well, and hope you got yourself a little something nice from one of the vendors during our “garage sale.”
Commune Co. was here helping us all wake up with delicious cold brew coffee.
The contest kicked off like it always does with the 8-and-under division. These little guys are the best.
Sometimes the ground wins.
Frank broke his finger Justin Eldridge style while in New York a few weeks ago, but his finger wouldn’t go back into place as easily. He’s having surgery soon, so everyone please send some positive vibes his way.
Jake Yanko was on a tear this weekend. He can do it all, from transition to ledge tricks. Here’s Jake doing a smith grind 180 on the ledge and into first place in the 13-15 division.
Derick Glancy ain’t no 13-year-old kid, but he snuck in a few runs in between announcing during the 13-15 division. That’s a proper backside smith grind, kids.
Outside in the courtyard we had a rummage sale and multiple vendors along with our Boards for Bros tents set up. Jacob Campbell is the man behind Soft Hoagie Rolls. He had a booth set up with shirts, boards, and even shared some space with Sunny Fluff, a skateshop near the Jackson Springs skatepark. Jacob is rocking a BackEast shirt, which is Alex Donahue’s company out of St. Petersburg.
This is Vince Papa of the LS Movement, the legalize skateboarding movement. Pleasure to have you with us on Saturday, Vince.
8-and-under winners from left to right: Jett Lambert, 4th; Elijah Wolcott, 2nd; Nash Barfield, 1st; Jonny Moening, 3rd, Enzo Calderazzo, 5th.
Nash Barfield not only won the 8-and-under division, but also took first place overall for the year.
9-12 division winners from left to right: Dominic Allred, 4th; Jonah Clark, 2nd; Noah Nagaro, 1st, Noah Pollard, 3rd; Charlie Bennett, 5th.
Angel Gonzalez took first place overall in the 9-12 division for the year. Angel stepped up into the sponsored division, too.
13-15 division winners from left to right: Jimmy Miceli, 4th, Elijah Allred, 2nd; Jake Yanko, 1st; Aaronn Depaulis, 3rd; Jack Wahl, 5th.
This is not the last time you’ll see Jake holding an award. This guy seriously cleaned up on Saturday. Jake took first place overall in the 13-15 division.
Steven Szumal has a style reminiscent of Brent Atchley. Very good. I once saw Brent Atchley skate his home park of Burnside in Portland. It was magical. Back to Steven—here he is doing an oh-so-smooth and quite lofty no-comply disaster. So sick.
Tyler Wolford is a fellow Lakelander (I live in Lakeland and love it) and he rips. Tyler has a stellar backside tailslide. He put it to good use on the new gap-to-hubba and slid into 4th place in the 16-and-up division.
Matt Hudson is a fellow photographer, so I hope I did this photo of him justice! Matt helped SPoT shoot the Damn Am in Atlanta this year. Here he is on a fastplant to fakie. He took second place in the 16-and-up division. Thanks for making it down for the event, Matt!
Per your request, we had a 30-and-up division, and it was epic. This is John Behm and he rips! John just happened to be in Orlando on a job (he’s from Massillon, Ohio), and decided to drive over for the contest. He blasted this frontside kickflip over the hip and took first place. Check out those high tops! Oh, and I want in on the next one since I’m 30 now…
16-and-up winners from left to right: Tyler Wolford, 4th; Matt Hudson, 2nd; Steven Szumal, 1st, Dillon Brown, 3rd, Tayron Oneill, 5th.
Steven Szumal also took the “Best Style” award on top of his first place trophy in 16-and-up.
30-and-up division winners from left to right: Jeff Wolcott, 3rd, Aaron Morgan, 2nd; John Behm, 1st; Jimmy Dennis, 4th.
Angel Gonzalez stepped up to the sponsored division and got things started with a pinched front crook on the flat rail.
Fabiana Delfino skates with the boys and beats a LOT of them. Props Fabiana. Here she is grinding a frontside feeble.
Thankfully, Jordi Zapata brought the only hurricane to Tampa on Saturday.
Treshan O'Shaughnessy did this 50-50 up the wall rail in practice.
Tim Geiger did this kickflip crook in practice but decided to take his kickflip to feeble during his jam. He almost made the flick crook at the end, but couldn’t quite hold on to it.
Jereme Knibbs on a textbook backside lipslide. This side of the hubba is quite large. Quite.
Marse Farmer is another Lakelander and destroys on his skateboard. He’s on another level. 360 flip nose bluntslide in your jam? Come on, man! This kid should be full am, no questions about it—he certainly deserves it.
Sponsored division winners from left to right: Wesley Box, 4th; Haze Miller, 2nd; Marse Farmer, 1st; Miles McKinney, 3rd; Angelo Caro, 5th.
This is not Nick Wallace. Nick is the overall winner of the sponsored division this year, but wasn’t here to accept his award.
Keenan Lewis received the “Best Attitude” award. I love the ironic Gonz photo btw. Oh, and what a great skateboarding name—Keenan!
Kim Swan won the “Cheerleader” award. Thanks, and keep cheering Kim!
Joel Box took home the “Dedicated to Skateboarding” award for all of his help here at the Skatepark. Solid dude right there.
The Box family—model citizens and genuine people. If more families were half as great as the Box family, the world would be a much better place. We gave them the “Jack of All Trades” award. Thanks again.
We gave a “Just for Showing Up” award to Jacob Campbell of Soft Hoagie Rolls. Keep it weird.
Cindee Cullen took home the “Mom Power” award. All of you moms out there deserve some recognition. We’d like to personally thank you all for supporting your kids and the Skatepark of Tampa. You’re awesome.
Nick Polvinale is “Most Likely to Get a SPoT Tattoo.” Not sure if mom is down with this award or not…but I’m sure Nick is.
Traci Polvinale is “Mom Most Likely To Drop In If Her Son Asked Her To.” I think I speak for us all when I say I’d love to see that.
“Squad Up!” award goes to Crusty Mayo Crew. Is Brian a member of this crew?
We gave Rachael Barfield the “Queen of the Courtyard” award. Reign on, Rachael.
We think that Darius and Damari Norton are “Going Places,” so we gave them an award to put it in writing.
This kid again. Jeez! How many awards are you going to win, Jake? We thought he was “Most Improved.” But, then again, now that I think about it, how could he get much better than winning most of the 13-15 division contests and taking home the overall win?
This is also not Nick Wallace. He won the “Skate and Destroy” award too.
Ok, so this photo has so many people who have awards already. What a winning group of people. “Skatepark Support Tribe Leadership” award goes to Graffiti Skate Zone.
“Hall of Meat” goes to the burliest, gnarliest human in the region: Brian Adams. This is a bear-man who takes great pleasure in the heaviest of slams and gets up with a laugh, then proceeds to crush the obstacle with his skateboard. *Wrong Brian pictured.
This guy showed up and won an award. Thanks to Alex Johnson for killing it on the mic today, and to everyone that came out for this. Stay tuned for photos and video of the Boards For Bros Benefit that was held out in the courtyard...coming soon.


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