SPoT Employee of the Month Session - September 2016 Article at Skatepark of Tampa

SPoT Employee of the Month Session - September 2016

Posted on Friday, October 28, 2016 by Chris

This month's SPoT First Fridays was super rad, with the premiere of Colin "Mandible Claw" Read's newest and last video: Spirit Quest. This is definitely not your ordinary skate film. Do yourself a favor and pick up the DVD. Huge congrats to Chris Reitz, Derick Glancy, and Tristan Mershon for picking up the Employee of the Month awards too!

Video: Tristan Mershon
Photos: Aaron Austin
This was a full weekend here at Skatepark of Tampa. We’re thankful that Hurricane Matthew blew past us and allowed us to hold our employee of the month party and “Spirit Quest” video premiere on Friday evening. Jake Yanko was here ripping all weekend. Here he is battling the wind Friday evening on a massive frontside air.
The crew all wanted in on a photo with everyone’s little buddy, Big Rich, down in front next to Tristan. This is him trying to be a “tough guy” and hold off a smile.
Big Rich asked me to shoot a skate photo on Friday night. Here he is doing a backside disaster on the quarter pipe in the kiddie course.
We premiered Colin Read’s new film, “Spirit Quest,” in the snack bar on Friday night. If you’ve yet to see it, do yourself a favor and pick up a copy from our shop or website and make some time to sit down and experience it. And I say “experience it” because Colin takes us on a beautiful journey in his new film that will make you feel as if you’ve taken a swan dive into the heart of skateboarding itself. Pure self-expression and creativity. I dare say it is genius.
Before the premiere of “Spirit Quest,” we announced our employee of the month. We had a hard time choosing just one winner, so this month we chose Derick Glancy, Tristan Mershon and Chris Reitz all for the title of employee of the month. Chris was unable to make it to accept his award, so Eric gladly stepped in for the photo.
Marse Farmer is a force on a skateboard. He skates with such finesse; it looks like he is meant to be on a skateboard. That’s why he’s the newest addition to our Skatepark of Tampa team. Marse did this front blunt on the steepest quarter pipe at the skatepark in a matter of a few tries. That shut down Friday’s festivities quite nicely.


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