Tampa Am 2016: Converse Concrete Jam Coverage Article at Skatepark of Tampa

Tampa Am 2016: Converse Concrete Jam Coverage

Posted on Wednesday, November 16, 2016 by Chris

Hard to believe how far we've come 24 years after just being a vert ramp in a warehouse. Thanks to all our friends, family and sponsors for helping to build SPoT up to what it is today. That being said, we celebrated our 24th birthday with a ripping Converse Concrete Jam and some live music from Black Dave. The fearless were awarded with money and prizes and a lot of people got free booze, courtesy of PBR and Monster. The SPoT Life edit is coming soon and if you weren't here, you'll definitely want to check it out.

Photos: Nick Nicks
As Qualifiers ended for the day and the sun started going down, it was time to let the booze flow and get ready for our 24 Year Anniversary Party and the Converse Concrete Jam!
Our good friends at PBR and Monster Energy provided the free sauce if you were 21 or older. Needless to say, it didn't last long...
Conrad and Sarah held down the bar all weekend. Hopefully that tip jar was overflowing by the end of the night. Photo bomb by Wayne Schaefer.
"Let's get this thing started!"
Clint Beswick - BS nosegrind
Kevin Baekkel, Crailslide
Jake Wooten, Frontside One-Foot Ollie
Yoda, Slob Fastplant
Jake Wooten, Crail Air
Crail Salad Grind
Yoda, Shifty Ollie to Fakie
Dalton Dern, Backside Crailslide
Isiah Sanchez, Backside Smith Grind
Yoda, Seatbelt Frontside Smith Grind
Eric Winkowski, Backside Boneless
Cedric Pabich, Tailgrab Nosegrind
Willy Lara, Stalefish
Willy Lara, Frontside Nosegrind
Daniel Vargas, Backside Smith Grind
Daniel Vargas, Frontside Smith Grind
Daniel Vargas, Lofty Backside Air
Pedro Delfino, Frontside 360 Air
Cedric Pabich, Indy Air
Indy Air
Pedro Delfino, Frontside Invert Revert
Eric Winkowski, Lien Fastplant
Isiah Sanchez, Frontside Lipslide
Dalton Dern, Frontside Smith Grind
Daniel Vargas, Bluntslide
Eric Winkowski, Fingerflip Lien to Tail
Nosegrind Yank-In from High to Low
Dalton Dern, Frontside Bluntslide
Jake Wooten shut it down with this insanity and took home a nice chunk of change. Good job dude.
Impromptu set from the homie Black Dave and this place is lit!
Ok, time to give out some awards... again - Jake Wooten crushed it and got first place overall in the Converse Concrete Jam.
Willy Lara - 2nd place.
Eric Winkowski picked up the TWS Best Trick award with a Ho Ho over the door gap...damn!
Welcome Skateboards' Daniel Vargas picked up 3rd.
Cedric Pabich ain't no slouch - he picked up 4th place.


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